Rotary Spoke 02 12 18

Patric Barbieri Executive Director of the LABBB Colaborative and Associates Speak to Rotary.

It was a 41 degree, grey day outside but a warm and colorful day inside Lexington Golf Club. We were 20 Lexington Rotarians in good spirits and four guests with a wonderful story. We enjoyed delicious (Jewish Deli quality) pastrami, chicken breasts, Patty's homemade chips, roasted baby potatoes, salad and berries and chocolate covered pretzels for desert.
PP Domenic led us in the pledge, we sang one verse of America led by Charlie V and the invocation was given by PDG and PP Jack.
Happy dollars were flying in the air, most remarkable were from PP Spencer, for Olympic aspirations of his daughter and PP Dan B for his son and daughter-in-law buying a house and moving out. Other givers were Murray, Charlie V, Dan O and Ugur. There were also other givers who did not have a guest at their table.
Raffle gifts were donated by:
  • Lexington Rotary Club
  • Patriot Community Bank
  • Walpole Cooperative Bank
  • John O`Donnell
And won by myself, a nice pear shaped candle, PP Murray and by our guests.
President Lori reminded us next week there is no meeting due to President`s Day and our next meeting will be on February 26, which is Rotary Visitors Day and she encouraged us to invite as many guests as possible.
Our guests were left to right below:
  • Patric Barbieri, Executive Director LABBB
  • Omar Masood, President and CEO Omar`s World of Comics and Hobbies, a new business in Lexington.
  • Sally Hoops, General Manager Omar`s World of Comics and Hobbies
  • Kristin Dailey, Events Manager for LABBB
Our Speaker Patric Barbieri spoke about the history of the LABBB Collaborative. A nonprofit organization of Lexington, Arlington, Bedford, Burlington and Belmont helping students with special needs to reach their full potential. LABBB was started by three Lexington, and Arlington parents 45 years ago to prepare children with special needs to the adult work world. Today LABBB is providing educational and support services to over 350 students from 60 districts. LABBB programs are all located in public school buildings and any given time LABBB students have activities around 55 places, usually internships at companies. LABBB students graduate by the age of 22 and Rotarians are encouraged to invite interns. LABBB has a budget of $25 million, fully provided by student tuitions.
Patric introduced us to Omar, a LABBB graduate who has a passion for comic books. He and his dad decided to turn his hobby into a business and opened Omar`s World of Comics and Hobbies at 30 Waltham Street, former location of B-tone Fitness, on Jan 15. Omar`s team consists of Sally, Christian and many special interns. They are selling comic books, games, hobby items and they are hosting events. As a Lexington resident, I`m glad that we have one more specialist shop run by passionate and smiling people in the town center.
Opening of Omar`s World of Comics and Hobbies attracted great attention including CBS Channel 4 and Boston Globe, perhaps yours too.
President Lori, who has a son graduated LABBB Program, thanked to Patric by making a donation to End Polio in his behalf.
50/50 worth $45 was won by PP Don M.
Submitted by Ugur Ergun.
Best regards,
Ugur Ergun
Rotary Spoke 02 05 18

Polar Plunge VIII Completed.

President Lori, PP Susan C and PP Domenic Made Us Proud!
The Rotary Club of Lexington met on Monday, February 5, 2018 at the Lexington Golf Club.
The luncheon buffet included eggplant parmesan, meatballs, pasta and salad. Delicious as usual, thank you Patty.
There were 16 Lexington Rotarians in attendance, and one visitor Stepan Chiloyan, Branch Manager at Peoples United Bank, 46 Bedford St. who is considering joining the club.  
The Pledge of Allegiance was led by PP Don Martini, one verse of America was led by PSA Charlie Vail, the invocation was delivered by PP Don Sherman, and the welcome song was led by PSA Charlie Vail.
Raffle gifts were provided by Walpole Cooperative Bank, Brookhaven, The Rotary Club of Lexington, and PP Bill Cassell.
Happy Dollars
  • P Lori gave happy dollars for winning the 50/50 the previous week and for surviving the Polar Plunge!
  • PP Dan gave happy dollars for his 8th year anniversary driving to the Polar Plunge, and not removing any of his clothing! (Happy dollars were offered for that.)
  • PP Domenic gave happy dollars for surviving the Polar Plunge as well!
  • PSA Charlie Vail gave happy dollars for attending the Polar Plunge for the first time!
  • PP Murray gave happy dollars for his trip to Paris!
  • PP Don Martini gave sad dollars for having the only dirty car in the lot!
  • PP Jim F gave happy dollars for his trip to Aruba!
Where are the Rotary aprons?  There are three suspects, PP Jim Shaw, PP Bill Cassell, and the Burlington Club!  Come forward if you know where they are.
The 50/50 winner was PE Michelle G in the amount of $50.00!  Yay me!

Rotary Spoke 01 29 18

Polar Plunge is This Saturday!

February 3, 2018 * 10:15am Arrival -11:00am Plunge * Long Beach - Gloucester

Catch a ride with PP Dan B from C&W Transport, 240 Bedford St, Lexington, MA 02420 (I can carry 6)

Departing at 9:00 AM SHARP!

The Rotary Club of Lexington met on Monday, January 29, 2018 at the Lexington Golf Club. 
The luncheon buffet included grilled steak tips, grilled BBQ chicken, vegetables and salad. and tiramisu.
The meeting was called to order by president Lori promptly at 12:30 PM.  There were 18 Lexington Rotarians in attendance, and one visiting Rotarian from the Burlington Club. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by PP Spencer Betts, one verse of America was led by PP Dan Olsen, the invocation was delivered by PDG Jack Maloney, and the welcome song was led by PSA Charlie Vail.
Raffle gifts were provided by Walpole Cooperative Bank, Brookhaven and Colonial Times.  Raffle prize winners include PP Frank Smith, SA Alan Azoff, PP Dan Olsen and Ken Wright.
Happy Dollars
  • PDG Jack Maloney
  • PP Jim Shaw
  • PP Burlington Club Paul Thibault
  • PP Don Martini.
  • Polar Plunge is this Saturday, February 3rd, Cape Ann Motor Inn, Long Beach, Gloucester, MA. You can text to make a donation. To support president Lori, please text polio72 to 71777.  To support PP Domenic Sicari, please text polio68 to 71777.  PP Susan Carabbio is also participating in the plunge.  Her text number was unavailable.  PP Dan B. will be driving from C&W Transport leaving at 9:00 AM.
  • PP Betts reminded the group that Visitor's Day is February 26th.
  • Comedy Night line-up will include Jimmy Dunn, Tony V, and Kelly McFarland. 
  • President Lori also thanked those members who delivered/refilled ice melt buckets including Meaghan Murphy and Bob Cunningham.
Lexington Rotarian Uger Ergun was the guest speaker.  His topic was a comparison between the United States and Turkey.  He explained that Turkey is a country comprised of about 80 million people.  Their GDP is about 21,000 per capita, and geographically they are equivalent to the size of Texas.  He suggested both countries have a passion for flags, and that both countries tend to be divided politically.
Uger explained that although Turkey is mostly Muslim, they tend to practice a "milder, secular form" of the religion.  He showed a photo of some students and himself at Sabanci University, where he taught prior to coming to the United States.
He said the history of Turkey is rooted in two empires―the Eastern Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire.  He said they have two Nobel laureates living in Turkey.  Finally he pointed out that the lovely Azra Akin was crowned Miss World in 2002.
The 50/50 raffle was $55, and taken home by president Lori.
Respectfully submitted
PP Jim Shaw
Rotary Spoke 01 22 18

Annual Joint Meeting with Lions Club.

Rotary Posthumously Honors Former King Lion Richard "Dick" Michelson.

Weather; rainy and misty.
Luncheon fare; fresh fruit, pulled beef, fish, broccoli, fish, potatoes, clam chowder
Attendance 22 Rotarians, 3 guests plus 14 Lions, total is 39
Raffle Gifts; Walpole Cooperative Bank, Arlex Oil, Bob Cunningham
50/50 Raffle Winner; Bob Cunningham, winning ticket number 410, $116
Pledge by President Elect Michelle Galbiati, 1st Verse of America; Past SAA Charlie Vail, Invocation; PDG Jack Maloney.
President Lori asked some quiz questions
Q1: Who was on the cover of the Rotarian magazine? A: (Jimmy Carter)
Q2: If one donates $25 to the Polar Plunge how much money does "End Polio Now" receive? A: ($75 - donations 2:1 by the Gates Foundation).
Fines & Happy Dollars
  • Ken Wright, happy/sad $$ for family helping to support his mother, sister in law passed away. 
  • 1st VP Dan O, in Florida and happy for Eastern Skating Sectional champs.  Highest ranking group in competition.  Came in 2nd!
  • PP Bob O grateful for Patriots win and Vegas! 
  • Lions member Bill Carlson happy to be here, happy for Patriots win.
  • PP Jim S happy that Lions are here, thinking of his Dad's love of the Lions, Thursday night Chamber dinner
  • PP Dan fined 1st VP Dan Olsen for failing to use the proper channels to respond to attendance request for today's meeting.
  • Lions member Paul Jenkins donation in honor of his father Donald Jenkins PP of Lexington Rotary Club and the Lexington Golf Club.
  • 2nd VP Spencer happy for Disney Trip
  • PSAA Charlie happy to be re-elected to the board of the Lexington Historical Society, now 25 year member.
  • Polar Plunge coming, don’t forget about the website and app
  • 2/26 is the Visitors Meeting
  • World Peace and Understanding dinner is 2/28/18
  • PP Jim F, announcement of filling more buckets and need, 6 requests.
  • PP Jim S announced Thursday night Chamber Gala Dinner has a good contingent of Lexington Rotarians and Lions members..
Speaker is Chief of Police Mark Corr of the Lexington Police Department.
Thank you to the Chief of Police in Lexington for joining us to celebrate Dick Michelson’s life.  Chief Corr expressed appreciation for the life and impact of Dick Michelson including his impact not only as a family man but a business man in the community.  Mark commented on his years of service, 35, and understands the importance of being part of a family business as his father served on the force.  Special memories were shared including the time both families spent celebrating the holidays.  Dick was a great businessman, and displayed that with the community.  Michelson’s business welcomed everyone including his own family.  Dick’s passing was a community loss.  We will all miss him dearly.
President Lori invited Dick Michelson's daughter, Rhonda Solomon, and son, Jerry, up along with board members to award the Paul Harris Fellow to Dick celebrating his life as an outstanding citizen. This Dick's second Paul Harris Fellow his first was presented by our club to him 21 years ago on January 20, 1997 (which was also a Monday).  Dick followed the motto “service above self”.  Rotary Club of Lexington also made a donation in Dicks memory to the Lion’s Club International, Sight Program, a plaque was given to the family in honor of his life.
Rotary Spoke 01 08 18

Welcome Back as Holiday Season Concludes.

On January 7th, a relatively balmy day, 19 Rotarians and 1 guest gathered at the Lexington Golf Club for a delicious luncheon of salad, grilled shrimp, chicken, meatballs, tortellini with sun dried tomatoes, exquisitely prepared by Patty. Our guest was Deb White, a new associate at Lexington Alarm.  
The pledge of allegiance was led by Meghan M, one verse of America by Charlie V and the Invocation by PDG Jack M. The welcome song was also lead by Charlie V.
Money was flying out of members wallets during a very busy session of fines and happy dollars.
  • I fined PDG Jack M $20 for bring the Artic to Lexington. He gladly paid the $20 and then threw in another $30 because he couldn’t be happier!
  • PP Jim S had 10 idiot dollars for leaving the trunk of his car open during the snow storm.
  • PP Dan B and PP Dan O each had 20 happy dollars for recovering from falls that resulted in broken ribs (Dan B) and head injuries (Dan O). We are glad that you are both on the mend and hope that the settlements are enormous.
  • PP Nick C had happy dollars as he was only 1 day away from spending 3 months thawing out in FL.
  • PP Dominic had happy dollars for talking himself into doing the Polar Plunge again this year (strange what makes some people happy).
  • PP John O was fined by PP Dan B for wearing a jacket that was last in fashion during the days of Charles Dickens and is still occasionally worn by doormen at upper west side apartments in NYC. We are thinking it is a "Chesterfield".  
  • Last, but certainly not least, PP Don M had 100 happy dollars for selling Lexington Alarm to Wayne Alarm. Lexington Alarm will become a division of Wayne alarm as soon as Don hands over all the alarm codes he’ll be out the door. Congratulations Don and best of luck in your next endeavor.
President Lori had several announcements:
  • Holiday donations totaled $1246 and will be donated in person to the Hildebrand family self-help center at an upcoming meeting. Thank you all for your generosity.  
  • Three members of the club: President Lori, PP Susan C and PP Dominic S will be doing the polar plunge. Please go to their websites to donate.
  • We will be having a visitors’ meeting at the end of February to encourage people to join the club. Start thinking about someone to invite. There will ads in the Colonial Times and pamphlets created to help promote the event. The luncheon and public image brochures will be subsidized by District grants.
  • There is a new Public Image Committee, chaired by me, that as a first task will be creating brochures to encourage people to join the club.
  • We are updating all member photos for the website. If you didn’t get your picture taken at this week’s meeting, wear your best clothes to the next meeting so that PP Jim S can take your photo.
Upcoming events are as follows and are also available on the Rotary app and website.
  • January 15: No meeting. MLK day
  • January 22: Joint meeting with Lion’s Club at the Lexington Golf Club. Special presentations will be made and speakers from the town of Lexington will be on the program. Attendance is mandatory
  • February 26: Visitors’ luncheon. Attendance is mandatory
Raffle donations were made by Arlex Oil Corp., Busa Wine and Spirits, PP Jim S, PP Bill C and The Rotary Club of Lexington.
The 50:50 raffle was for $55 and was won by Charlie V.
PP Frank S
Rotary Spoke 12 18 17

Lexington Christian Academy Madrigal Singers Entertain at Rotary Annual Holiday Luncheon.

With snowflakes swirling outside, 21 Lexington Rotarians, 24 guests and Santa met for the Lexington Rotary Club holiday party.
A dinner of beef tenderloin, chicken with mushrooms, mashed potatoes, green beans and cold cuts was provided.
The pledge was lead by PP Don M., the invocation was given by PP Don S, and Past Sergeant at Arms Charlie V. let the 1st verse of America and the Welcome Song, which was amazingly in tune.
Raffle Gifts Were Provided by:
  • Bob Cunningham
  • Wagon Wheel Nursery & Farm Stand
  • Boston Volvo Village - Ray Ciccolo
  • Arlex Oil Corp.
  • Patriot Community Bank
  • Rotary Club of Lexington.
Fines & Happy Dollars
  • PP Dan B., who had many family members in attendance, gave many happy dollars.
  • PP Don Martini gave happy dollars for his purchase of a Christmas Tree at a discount with a Groupon at Wagon Wheel. 
  • No fines were given, but Santa warned of reindeer droppings for the naughty ones in attendance.
Santa collected, very generous donations, to the tune of $1,221.00 to give to a local charity that assists homeless families with temporary housing and a path to get them back on their feet.
The attendees were treated to wonderful a cappella singing by the Madrigal Singers of the Lexington Christian Academy.  They sang five holiday songs; a version O Come Emmanuel in Latin, All Is Well, African Noel, Seasons Of Light and a humorous Good King Kong (with kazoos) adapting music written by J. S. Bach.
  • For those of us thinking about the New Year: The next meeting is Monday January 8, 2018 at Lexington Golf Club
  • Also please put on your calendars the joint meeting with the Lions Club when they will be visiting us on Monday January 22nd.
Have great holidays everyone!
Ken W.  
Rotary Spoke 12 11 17

Community Endowment for Lexington Roberta Messina Speaks to Rotary.

On a cloudy winter’s day, 16 Rotarians and 3 guests and 1 visiting Rotarian met at the Lexington Golf Club with President Lori presiding. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Jim T, one verse of America was led by mister everything Charlie V, PP Don S did the invocation. The food was a mixture of fish, chicken wings, fries, veggies and in the opinion of PP Dan O ‘a fantastic cup of coffee’.   
Happy dollars were paid by;
  1. P Lori for the display of our new/old banner.
  2. PP Spencer paid happy dollars for his daughter turning 9.
  3. PP Murray paid some happy dollars and claimed it was for him being on key for the Welcome song. No one was willing to confirm that he was on key, but we gladly took his money.
  4. Mister everything Charlie paid happy dollars for his new role as club photographer. He really does everything we ask and more…
A quick calendar update;
  1. December 18th HOLIDAY PARTY
  2. December 25th no meeting
  3. January 1st no meeting
  4. January 8th normal meeting (board meeting before)
  5. January 15th no meeting
  6. January 22nd Joint meeting with the Lions club of Lexington
President Lori is plunging (Polar Plunge) and PP Susan C is also jumping into the freezing cold water in Gloucester on February 3, 2018. Their fundraising page will be up and running this week, please give generously.
P Lori thanked PP Frank S for his hard work on Sand For Seniors and PP Susan C for her hard work on the Veteran breakfast.
Our speaker this week was Roberta Messina, from the Community Endowment of Lexington (CEL). The group was formed in 2013 by a few Lexington residences. They were looking for a way to support local charities and town government groups financially. They had a goal of raising $1,000,000 in 5 years. So far, they raised more then $900,000. They help local groups by offering yearly grant of up to $10,000. If you would like to help you can help in 3 ways; donate, volunteer, or let them know of a local charity that might need their help. To find out more go to
When presenting Roberta with our certificate for her speaking she relayed a story about one of her friends, growing up, father had Polio. She was very appreciative to help 40 kids with their Polio vaccines.
PP Murray won the 50/50 for $45. 
Rotary Spoke 12 04 17

Sand 4 Seniors Deliveries Fulfilled

On a beautiful sunny, cold day 20 Rotarians and no visitors met for our weekly meeting.
A moment of silence was observed in memory of Dick Michaelson.
We were treated to pork loin and scallops both of which were excellent. We are so fortunate to have Patty cater our meetings.
PP Frank S. led the pledge, Charlie V. remembered the first word of America and PDG Jack gave the invocation.


  • PP Spencer gave happy dollars for his wife’s birthday (I won’t say how old she is),
  • PP Jim S. gave happy dollars in anticipation of an award for the late Dick Michaelson to be given at the Chamber of Commerce event on Jan 25th.
  • Ken W. gave happy dollars for a birthday celebration.
  • PP/Sec’y Murry thanked the club for keeping attendance figures at the 80% level. Anyone who volunteers to help with events such as Sand for Seniors, distributing Thanksgiving dinners etc. will be able to use these as make-ups in the future.
  • PP Frank S. thanked Brookhaven for the great job they did in preparing the buckets for the Sand for Seniors project. He also thanked all who participated in distributing the buckets. There are 10 buckets remaining and they will be taken to the Community Center where seniors can pick them up (provided they can lift them!).

Toys for Tots: we are still collecting toys; you can bring them to next week’s meeting or drop them off at Brookhaven or The Boston Sports Club. The age limit for toys is 14 years old and it is requested that 1 boy's and 1 girl's, (or gender neutral) unwrapped, toy be donated.

  • We will host the Lion’s Club on January 22nd.
  • Our Holiday Party is on Dec. 18th. Family and friends and employees are invited, just remember to register your guests so we can get a number for Patty. PP Dan B will be sending out the invitation, please look for it and indicate how many guest you will be bringing.
  • Pres. Lori announced that we will be taking our usual free-will donations for selected charities. This year they are Hilderbrand’s, they provide housing and help for the homeless in Cambridge and for Renewal House which provides emergency shelter for those in need.
  • Remember to use the Amazon link on our website when shopping on-line. The Club receives a percentage of such purchases which help defray the costs our internet service.
  • The Club received a letter of resignation from PP Ed Barsamian. He has closed his store here in Lexington and is working for another rug company in Newton. We wish him all the best.
The 50/50 raffle was won by your bulletin writer…yay!
Rotary Spoke 10 26 17

Lexington & Concord Rotary Clubs Meet in Concord

The Rotary Club of Lexington met with the Rotary Club of Concord at the Concord Colonial Inn on a rather cool, cloudy  and rainy day. Looks like summer is- sadly- finally over.
The meeting was opened by the Concord Club President Leigh Ann Crimmings and President Lori Moresco of Lexington. Pres. Crimmings message was we should all invite friends and business contacts to a club meeting, and let them know of the great services offered by Rotary worldwide..
After a very good lunch and a few fines, with Dan B contributing a fine as usual, we had comments from two District Governors - Karin Gaffney of 7910-for Concord, and David Gardner of 7930 for Lexington, we heard  a presentation of the need for new club members, with emphasis on the need for members to keep Rotary Clubs alive to continue the great legacy of Rotary International. We were all given pins for our lapel Rotary Make a Difference. We heard how unusual we are in having joint meetings across District boundaries.
It is clear to all present that we must keep Rotary alive, because we all make a difference.
  • We are helping with the Veteran’s breakfast on November 4th details will be emailed out shortly. The Rotary Club of Lexington is going to be paying for any Veterans that attend this breakfast.
  • VP Michelle reminded everyone to pay for their raffle tickets. If you have not paid prior to November 3rd you will not be eligible to win even if your tickets gets pulled.
  • President Lori asked if any members of the club would be interested in delivering meals at Thanksgiving. If you are interested she will be send a signup sheet in the next few weeks.
  • October 30th: No meeting
  • November 3rd: Cash Raffle at the Lexington Golf Club from 6:30 to 10:30. Invite all your ticket buyers to join us in fellowship and to bid on auction items.
  • November 4th: Veteran Breakfast at St Bridget’s church. 8 to 11:30
  • November 6th: No meeting
  • December 2nd & 3rd: Distribution of buckets of salt for the Sand for Seniors project.
PP Don S
Rotary Spoke 10 23 17

Rotary Club of Lexington Welcomes the Newly Formed Minuteman HS Rotaract Club!

On a warm but cloudy Fall day, 19 Rotarians and 10 guests met at Minute Man Technical High School with President Lori presiding. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Charlie V, version of America was led by PP Dan O, PDG Jack did the invocation (with a small reference to chilly weather for some reason). The food was a fantastic buffet with a salad bar. Deserts were tremendous also.   
In change to our normal order, we did the business meeting first.
  • We are helping with the Veteran’s breakfast on November 4th details will be emailed out shortly. The Rotary Club of Lexington is going to be paying for any Veterans that attend this breakfast.
  • VP Michelle reminded everyone to pay for their raffle tickets. If you have not paid prior to November 3rd you will not be eligible to win even if your tickets gets pulled.
  • President Lori asked if any members of the club would be interested in delivering meals at Thanksgiving. If you are interested she will be send a signup sheet in the next few weeks.
The main part of the meeting was the formal presentation of the charter for the new Rotaract Club at Minute Man Tech. Connie their faculty adviser introduced the leadership team. This group is already hard at work and completed a food drive for the Lexington Food Pantry. They also helped in the Raise Up Against Hunger pack out event.    
Speaking of the pack out with Raise Up Against Hunger, PP Susan recapped the event. The 4 clubs; Lexington Rotary, Concord Rotary, Minute Man Tech Rotaract and Concord Rotaract joined together to pack over 15,000 meals. This was a fun event enjoyed by all who attended.
Fines & Happy Dollars
  • PP Dan B had a self-imposed fine for not updated the website correctly that lead to two Rotarians going to the Lexington CC last week even though there was no meeting.
  • PP Dan then gave $100 happy dollars for his son Andrew’s wedding!
  • PP Jim F paid some happy dollars for Brookhaven getting final approval for their latest expansion.
  • PP Dan O paid for a fun vacation on an Alaskan cruise he and his wife went on.
  • A friendly face return to the club this week, Bob C returning from his summering on  "The Island".
  • PP Spencer paid some happy dollars for his son’s 9th birthday and the fun he and his kids had at the Raise Against Hunger pack out.
Thanks again to Chef McElhinney and his student staff for a wonderful meal.
Raffle gifts were donated by Burlington Rotary and the Burlington Rec department and President Lori.
PP Bob S won the 50/50.  
PP Spencer B 
Rise Against Hunger Pack-Out

Rise Against Hunger Pack-Out For Huricaine Victims

Lexington and Concord Rotary Clubs and Interact Clubs Come Together to Help

We had a great day on Sunday October 15th  with Lexington Rotarians as well as the Minuteman Interact Club!  This was a joint effort with multiple clubs, and over 40 volunteers gathered at Minuteman High School to pack over 15,000 meals!  Thank you to all who participated, it was a very productive afternoon making an impact for many in need!  Special thanks to Sharon Spaulding and the faculty at Minuteman for organizing and allowing us to use their space!
Rotary Spoke 10 02 17

Rotary Welcomes Distinguished Cambridge Rotarian of over 50 Years Ben Wright, 95 Years Young!

The "2th" (pronounced tooth) of October (as my grandmother used to call her birth date) was a spectacular fall day. There was radiant sunlight emanating from a pale blue sky dotted with wispy cirrus clouds. Thirteen Rotarians and 1 visiting Rotarian gathered at Brookhaven for a delicious luncheon of salad, sandwiches, chicken, and a panoply of desserts, all generously donated by PP Jim F and Brookhaven. Our distinguished guest was Ben Wright of the Cambridge Rotary club.
Following a moment of silence for the victims of the senseless shooting in Las Vegas, the pledge of allegiance was led by President Elect Michelle G, one verse of America by Charlie V and the very moving Invocation by PP Don S. The welcome song was also lead by Charlie V.
PP Spencer B fined himself for missing the Senior BBQs, but at the same time was happy to have been in Portugal soaking up some fine wine.  PP Jim Shaw was very happy that the Senior BBQs went off without a hitch and were well attended by seniors and Rotarians alike. Thanks to all the Rotarians who participated and especially those who worked more than one night and to PP Jim F and Brookhaven for donating the food. PP Jim S also saw PP Dave S at a Red Sox game last week and collected happy dollars from Dave to bring to the meeting. I had happy dollars for the privilege of introducing Ben Wright, who was a fellow Cambridge Rotarian and close personal friend of my father.
The board voted to donate $500 dollars to the Susan G Koman fund for cancer research and patient care. President Lori walked 6 miles last weekend and is planning on walking 50 miles in the near future to raise money for this worthy cause. The board also voted to pay for veteran’s breakfasts, up to $750, at the upcoming Veteran’s Day event.
President Elect Michelle G still has cash raffle tickets. If you haven’t picked up s tickets to sell, please contact her. We also need raffle items for the event. Please let her know if you have something to donate.
On a sad note, a former member of this club, Jim Nagle, passed away. Visiting hours are Tuesday from 4 pm to 7 pm at the Douglass Funeral Home. Funeral at Douglass Funeral Home Wednesday, October 4 at 9 am followed by a Mass of Christian burial at St. Brigid Church, Lexington at 10 am. Flowers have been sent from the club.
We have a very busy calendar for October and November. Updates are as follows and also available on the Rotary app and website.
  • October 15th: Rise against hunger pack out with the Concord Rotary Club to be held at Minuteman High School from 1-3 PM.
  • October 16th: No meeting. Everyone is expected to be at the packout the day before in lieu of a meeting
  • October 23rd: Regular meeting at Minuteman High School
  • October 26th: Meeting with the Concord Club and both District Governors to be held at the Concord Inn
  • October 30th: No meeting
  • November 3rd: Cash Raffle at the Lexington Golf Club from 6:30 to 10:30. Invite all your ticket buyers to join us in fellowship and to bid on auction items.
  • November 4th: Veteran Breakfast at St Bridget’s church. 8 to 11:30
  • November 6th: No meeting
  • December 2nd & 3rd: Distribution of buckets of salt for the Sand for Seniors project.
Raffle donations were made by:
  • Arlex Oil Corp.
  • Peoples United Bank
  • Patriot Community Bank
  • Wagon Wheel Nursery and Farm Stand
  • The Rotary Club of Lexington
Our visiting Rotarian and guest today was Ben Wright. Ben, a spry and distinguished 95-year-old gentleman who lived most of his life in Cambridge. He moved to Brookhaven in 2004 after the passing of his wife. Ben, a history major with familial ties to a Lexington Minuteman, went to law school and then started work for the Badger Corporation. He served as their General Counsel, working out of One Broadway Street in Cambridge. Badger was later bought by Raytheon. Ben was an avid skater from a very early age and his wife skated competitively on the national and international level. They both went on to become skating judges and in that capacity attended many winter Olympic games. It was only this year that Ben retired from judging due to the rigors of travel. Ben has been an active member of the Rotary Club of Cambridge for close to 50 years and still makes his way into Cambridge every Thursday for meetings.
The 50:50 raffle was for $35 and was won by PP Susan C
PP Frank S
Rotary Spoke 09 25 17

Visiting Rotarians from Colorado Come to Dine With Rotary in Lexington.

We met on a hot, 82◦ degree sunny day, leftover from summer. It was a compact meeting, 13 Lexington members and two visiting Rotarians and no speaker. We enjoyed delicious pork tenderloin, hot dogs, fries, chicken breasts, mashed potatoes, cold cuts, salads and each other’s company.
PP Domenic led us in the pledge, we sang one verse of America led by Charlie V and the invocation was given by PDG Jack.
Your reporter gave happy dollars for the honor of his responsibility.
Our guests were from Colorado, AG Ruthe Gleeson and her father PDG Russ Gleeson. Ruthe & Russ also had a very special guest with them, support dog Trig, who was smart and silent throughout the meeting. AG Ruthe mentioned RI's initiative: Planting one tree per Rotarian, a total of 1.2 million trees worldwide and their district’s ambitious goal: a total of 33,000 trees planted. President Lori honored our guests by presenting our club flag.
Raffle gifts were donated by:
  • Patriot Community Bank
  • Walpole Cooperative Bank
  • Arlex Oil Corp.
And won by our guest AG Ruthe, Ken W, PP Domenic and Terry W.
  • President Lori informed us that, unfortunately, our two friends, Donna and Julianne have resigned from the Club.
  • PP Murry reminded us that September is 100% attendance month and the Senior BBQs on Tuesday, 9/26 at Countryside Village, Wednesday, 9/27 at Vynebrooke Village and Thursday, 9/27 at Greeley Village the BBQs are multiple makeup opportunities. Attend all three and get credit for three meetings. Please be there at 4:30pm.
President Lori gave our club calendar for October and November. It is complicated and best place to follow is our Rotary app.
  • October 2, Away meeting, Brookhaven, 11:00AM Board meeting, 12:15PM regular meeting
  • October 9, No meeting, Columbus Day
  • October 15, Sunday, Rise Against Hunger Pack Out for Hurricane Relief, Minuteman HS, 1:00PM-3:00 PM
  • October 16, No meeting, due to previous activity
  • October 23, Away meeting, Minuteman HS, 12:15PM-13:30 PM
  • October 26, Thursday, Joint Meeting with the Concord Club in Concord
  • October 30, No meeting, due to previous activity.
  • November 3, Friday, Annual Cash Raffle, Lexington Golf Club, 6:30AM 10:30AM
  • November 4, Saturday, Veteran’s Breakfast, St Brigid Church, 8:30AM-11:30AM
  • November 6, no meeting, due to previous activity
  • November 13, regular place, regular time plus board meeting at 11:00AM
  • November 17, Annual Joint Thanksgiving meeting with Burlington Club, Hilton Garden Inn, 5 Wheeler Rd, Burlington, MA 01803, 12:15PM-1:30PM
  • November 20, No meeting, due to previous activity
  • November 27, Regular meeting, Regular place, Regular time
As you can see the best place to follow our calendar is the Rotary app. iPhone or Android phone stores, search: Rotary Club of Lexington it is the GroupAhead app.
50/50 was won by PP Don S.
President Lori closed the meeting at 1:00PM.
Humbly submitted by Ugur Ergun.
Rotary Spoke 09 18 17

PP Don Martini Speaks to Rotary on the Growing Unmanned Drone Industry.

On an overcast Monday, 22 Lexington Rotarians, 2 visiting Rotarians and 1 guest enjoyed lunch of grilled sausage, oven roasted & mashed potatoes, asparagus with cherry tomatoes, mixed fruit and great cookies. 
Our meeting began with President Lori ringing the meeting in, P.P. Nick C leading us in the pledge, P.E. Michelle starting us off with one verse of America and P.P. Dan O giving us a great invocation.
We were visited today by Toast Master Noj Zachariah, who will be conducting a presentation at the upcoming District Conference. District Governor David Gardner suggested he visit the Rotary Club of Lexington to see how a real Rotary Club works.
Fines & Happy $$
  • Sec Murry was fined for not having someone from each table to introduce the guests. P.S.A.A. Charlie led us in the welcome song.
  • P.P./Sec Dan B. donated $1.00 because P.P. Chief Paul from the Burlington club knew all of the words to our welcome song.
  • P.P. Frank donated $20.00 American for a trip to Italy, and donated a few quid too.
  • P.P. Spencer donated for a happy 10th anniversary.
  • P.P. Jim $5.00 for a cast removal.
  • P.P./Sec Dan B. $20.00 for the LHS football team beating Brockton.
  • Meaghan $2.00 for new member Ugur taking notes of the meeting.
  • Visiting Rotarian P.P. Sharon from Concord donated in memory of her father and for the support that the Lexington Club showed.
Next week are the senior cook outs;
  • Tuesday is Countryside Village, Off Woburn St.
  • Wednesday is Vynebrook Village, Off Waltham St.
  • Thursday is Greely Village, Off Bedford St.
The start times are all 4:30pm, with dinner serving starting at 5:00pm. This year P.P. Jim F. & Meaghan reached out to the senior center to see if there are any residents that live at these complexes and cannot make it to the cookout. We would make arrangements to deliver food to them. A big thank you to Brookhaven and P.P. Jim for donating the food again this year.
  • Friday, November 3rd is our annual Cash Raffle at the Lexington Golf Club.
  • Saturday, November 4th is the Veterans Breakfast again at the St. Brigid’s Keilty Hall. Please make the time to come help serve at this great event and to honor our local veterans.
P.P. Don Martini was our guest speaker today. His talk today was all about drones. P.P. Don owns and operates a company Advanced Aerial Systems in Bedford, MA and his son Brian operates out of Phoenix AZ. Anyone can fly a drone, but there are many different restrictions and uses. The uses fall under recreational, commercial and public service. P.P. Don explained that if you’re flying within 5 miles of an airport, you have to notify the tower of that. The F.A.A. considers the drone’s aircraft. The bigger drones have transponders built into them and can be seen on a control towers radar. Also, they are not to be flown ant night or out of range of sight. These aircraft can range in price from $10.00 for a toy to $15,000.00 for a professional commercial model, into the millions for military operations.
Advanced Aerial Systems operates using the drones to photograph many construction sites, waterways, equipment and buildings providing updated photos and/or videos of area or project. Shooting photos and video usually requires 2 people to facilitate the operation, one to pilot and on to operate the camera(s). P.P. Don detailed some of their work, shooting the underside of a sky crane looking for a defective sensor, floor by floor shots of a construction project for residential views and waterscape shots from a local lake. Answering questions, he explained that the cost of work can be anywhere from $50.00 per hour on up to thousands of dollars. P.E. Michelle was concerned about privacy and the possibility of looking in on people in their homes. P.P. Don explained that with the 4-6 rotors, that spinning at over 18,000 rpm you’re going to hear it coming. That would make it very hard to spy on you P.E. Michelle! Editor’s note: “That’s what curtains are for Michelle.”
The 50/50 of $65.00 was won by Steve K.
P.P. Bob O’K
Rotary Spoke 09 11 17

New England Adventures Founder & President Todd Crevier Speaks to Rotary.

The day was bright and sunny.  We were in the company of 19 Lexington Rotarians and 3 guests.  The luncheon fare was fish, chicken, potatoes, veggies, salad, fruit and chocolate chip cookies for dessert.
The Pledge was led by Terri W, 1st verse of America by PP Dan O, and the Invocation by PP Don S.  The welcome song was led by PP Dan O.
Raffle gifts were donated by:
  • Walpole Co-op Bank
  • Patriot Community Bank
  • Bickling Financial Services
  • Bill Cassell
PP Spencer gave happy dollars for no crying kids at the first soccer game, PP Dan B gave happy dollars for his daughter Haley and her fiancé buying a new house in Andover, Terri W gave happy dollars for being back to the meetings, PP Bob O’Keefe gave happy dollars because he was the President of the club 16 years ago on 9/11, Alan A gave happy dollars for the Light up Lincoln ceremony,
PP Dan B announced that the quarterly dues will be increasing from $40.00 to $60.00 in the next billing cycle. Beginning with the next billing cycle PP Dan B will be sending your invoice via Email with your invoice attached as a PDF file, and you will now be able to pay by credit card or e-check.  If you do not want to use these options you can print the PDF and send a check. If you still prefer to receive your invoice via postal mail service let PP Dan know and he will arrange it.
The cash raffle will be held on Friday November 3rd at the Lexington Golf Course.  Please collect raffle items for the event.
They are still looking for volunteers for the senior barbeques, touch base with PP Jim S or Meghan if you can help.  They really need people for 9/28.  They will find out if anyone is in need of having a meal delivered to them.
Concord Rotary Club would like us to participate in a pack out with Rise Against Hunger.  This will take place on October 15th for Hurricane Harvey victims.  More details to come.
PP Spencer B reached out to Tony V about Comedy night, but has not heard back.  He will provide us with a date once he confirms with Tony V.
The guest speaker was SFC Todd Crevier of New England Adventures.  Todd joined the army a few months after September 11, 2001. He talked about the impact the army had on his life and how it changed him as a person.  Todd was deployed to Iraq and when he came back, he was a different person and his family life was slowly going downhill.   Todd had 2 children with his wife and ended up getting divorced.  While he was in Iraq he lost vision in one of his eyes and developed back problems, which he was given pain medicine from the VA to fix.  Todd became addicted to the pain medications and was a functioning addict. He eventually gave up his addiction to get his life back on track.   Todd was forced to retire from the army for medical reasons and this devastated him because he loved what he did.  After retiring from the army he learned of New England Adventures and wanted to do something like this.  He spent time researching New England Adventures in other states and eventually started the one in Southwick, Massachusetts.  He loved the wilderness so this is something he knew he would enjoy.  New England Adventures is a non- profit organization and all money raised goes directly to veterans and families.  They host all expense outdoor sporting events for veterans and their families.  Please Contact Todd if you know anyone that would be interested donating to New England Adventures.  His phone number is 413-328-3761 and if you would like more information the website is
The 50/50 raffle was won by PP Jim S in the amount of $55.
VP Michelle G.
Rotary Spoke 08 28 17

PDG Sheryl Meehan Speaks to Rotary About Care Dimensions Volunteer Services.

On a beautiful summer day, 15 Lexington Rotarians, and our Speaker enjoyed lunch. As usual, the food was fantastic.
PP Susan C. led the Pledge; the first verse of America was by ASAA Charlie V., and the invocation by PP Don S.
Happy dollars/Fines:
  • PP Spencer B. returned his jelly jar in record time for a refill. 
  • PP Dan B. thanked the club for their thoughts on the passing of his Mother in Law. 
  • Ugur E. paid happy dollars for his trip to Turkey and he exchanged banners and presented the banner to P. Lori M. 
  • PP Nick C. paid happy dollars for his trip to Saratoga.
  • P. Lori is working on the Joint DG visit in October. 
  • Meaghan M. announced the dates for the Senior Cookouts.  An email will follow to all today.  Attendance is required at one Cookout. 
  • Donations were from Peoples United Bank, Patriot Community Bank, Arlex Oil, and the Rotary Club of Lexington.
Our speaker today was PDG Sheryl Meehan.  Sheryl spoke on her role of coordinating volunteers for Care Dimensions Hospice.  Sheryl said her two passions in life are Rotary and Hospice.  She gave an overview of Hospice and the important role that volunteers have.  The volunteers feel that they get back more than they give. 
50/50 was won by PP Jim F.
Next Meeting September 11, 2017.
Respectfully submitted PP Jim F.
Rotary Spoke 08 21 17

PP Murry Gives Classification Talk.

Wearing a sheepish grin, Charlie V. wandered casually over to my table.  “You’re a short-timer, right?  Here!”  He thrust a sheet of paper onto the table beside my plate of fried chicken, pastrami, tomato-sauced pasta, shaved ham, cheese, mixed green salad, broccoli, and cauliflower.  My chocolate chip cookie disappeared beneath the paper.             “Had a no-show,” he mumbled.         I nodded. 
Before I could pull out my Bic, Pres. Lori range the bell authoritatively.  There was a scuffle of feet as a baker’s dozen plus one, plus one visitor stood up and faced the flag.  PP Spencer intoned “I…,” and the meeting began.  Charlie V. cleared his pipes and began to sing the first verse of “America,” only to be drowned out by the collective assembly.  After the last note had drifted into thankful oblivion and my ears had stopped ringing, PP Nick C. thoughtfully gave thanks for the grub and for the fellowship that brings us together without a court order.
The only guest today was ADG Jim Major from the Woburn family.  Charlie V. again led the club in a spirited rendition of that old classic, “The Lexington Welcome Song.”  Someone called out, “Don’t let it lag,” in memory of Henry “The Shooter” Latta. 
Tears filled PP Dan B. eyes, and he expressed some difficulty keeping in touch with the tune as it was sung.  My impression of what he said was, “Hey, how about getting a recording of those songs, so there won’t be a chance of making our guests gag when we sing?”  (I wasn’t wearing a wire so I can’t be sure.)
PP Dan O. observed that Charlie had changed key mid-song, which, you may recall, is acceptable on any roadside chain gang detail but only in the absence of armed guards.  Pres. Lori tried to calm inflamed tempers and sore eardrums by remarking that “We are a work-in-progress.”  In support of Lori’s remark, I thanked the folks for their feedback and suggested that we just needed to keep trying to improve.
PP Don M. implied that we were nuts to keep doing the same thing over again and expecting different results.  Good point!  (Later I researched what our brains actually hear when we sing in a group:  It turns out that our own voices produce most of the sound that we hear in those situations.  Mmmm.  Maybe the problem isn’t “out there?”)
Lowell Spinners Tickets (Monday, August 28, game) are available for $15 each, which includes a hot dog and drink.  Contact Pres. Lori for tickets.
Blissful Bucks:  Treasurer Alan A. gave some bucks for a terrific “work-related” weekend of food, drink, kick-boxing, and convivial companionship.  PP Dan B. contributed to celebrate the “terminal capture” of the Barcelona attack vehicle driver.  I passed on some delighted dollars to celebrate my 45th wedding anniversary to the same wonderful wife.  Thanks, Bernadine!
PP Nick C. would like to see a greater and more varied turnout of seniors at our Senior Barbeques.  We are tending to get mostly residents of the villages.  PP Bob S. suggested that we might consider one BIG barbeque at the Seniors Center with promotion throughout the town, and possibly transportation for seniors.
Today’s Classification Speaker:  PP Murry A. shared that it was difficult to leave his dentistry practice, as he truly loved what he did.  He continues to teach dental surgery, albeit voluntarily, at Tufts and remains active in dental associations.  It was a career that he really enjoyed since he was helping others have better lives.
While he grew up in Malden with a fraternal twin brother and a sister, his family has roots in Russia.  His father escaped from Russia at the time of the Bolshevik Revolution.  His mother moved to Constantinople.  As World War II was beginning, his parents met each other in Paris, which they wisely left prior to the Nazi invasion, sailing to America.  A relative offered them work in his Baltimore restaurant, but Murry’s mother was uncomfortable living in a place where racial discrimination was still practiced, so they ended up in Malden.
Some of Murry’s European ancestors were dentists, whom he admired.  When it came time to choose between medicine and dentistry, Murry chose dentistry, which, judging from his love of the work that he did, was the right choice.
It was interesting to learn that Murry learned and spoke Russian at home; and, when he was on a trip to Europe, he had no difficulty speaking authentically accented Russian with Russians.  Спасибо, Murry!  (How did I do with Cyrillic symbols, Murry?)
Raffle gifts were donated by Wagon Wheel Nursery (fresh corn), ARLEX, Patriot Community Bank, Wounded Warrior Project, and PP Don M. (homemade grape jelly and homemade Bedford peach jelly).  Note to jelly winners:  If you return the empty jars, you may be blessed with more jelly.
The 50:50 Raffle prize of $35 was won by SAA Alan.  Congratulations!
                                                                                                Submitted by PP BC
  • Next meeting is at 12:15 on Monday, August 28, at the Lexington Golf Club
  • No meeting on Labor Day, September 4.
  • Senior BBQ Dates:  September 26, 27 & 28 (More to come soon!)
  • NOTE:  The joint meeting with Concord for the District Governor will be rescheduled. (Will not be on September 28.)
Rotary Spoke 08 14 17

It was a very short, summer meeting, so this will be a short, summer bulletin.

Another perfect summer day was Monday, August 14th. 
There were only 16 Rotarians in attendance, with one distinguished guest: Burlington Rotarian, PP and retired Fire Chief, Paul Thibault. 
Lunch was the usual cold cuts and salad goodies, featuring steak tips and mashed potatoes, green beans and broccoli & cheddar melt.
The Pledge was led by immediate PP Susan C.  We sang the first verse of “America” led by Charlie V.  The invocation was given by PP Bill C.
Raffle gifts were donated by Arlex Oil Corp., People’s United Bank, Walpole Cooperative Bank, The Lexington Press, and were won by PP Dan Olsen, Michelle G., and Jim T, and PP Jim F.
One distinguished guest was at an otherwise guestless table in the back - a $5 bill in the stead of PP Abe Lincoln. The cash was accepted as a fine.
  • P.P. Murray was fined for wearing shorts; he said they covered his knees.  He was fined $2, one for each knee.  P. Lori paid his fine because he came to the meeting even though he was not intending to be there.
  • P.P. Spencer gave happy dollars because his wife and kids were away and he painted, vacuumed, and cleaned the shed, and also golfed.
  • P.P. Bob S. gave happy dollars.  While he was on vacation, his neighbor couldn’t get into his house to take care of the cats because the key didn’t work.  PP Bob O’K. saved the day by coming down from Hampton Beach to fix the lock.
  • P.P. Murray gave happy dollars for his trip out west.
  • P.P. Dan O. gave 52 happy dollars for his 52nd wedding anniversary.
  • Senior BBQ’s will take place Tues, Weds, Thurs, the last week of September (26, 27, 28).
  • Thurs. Sept. 28th will be the joint meeting with the Concord Club at the Colonial Inn in Concord.
  • The District will be going to the Red Sox in September.  If interested, talk to P. Lori who will head up the Lexington contingent.
  • Be forewarned: September is going to be our club’s 100% attendance month.  Don’t worry, there are three BBQ’s to make up and get in all your meetings.
  • P. Lori suggested a Lowell Spinners outing for the club, saying it is a great, fun, inexpensive outing.  There was moderate interest from the members.
Jim Freeling won the 50/50 raffle to the tune of $40.
The meeting adjourned at 12:55 p.m.  A good time was had by all.
Steve K.
Rotary Spoke 07 24 17

PP Bill Cassell Gives Classification Talk

With 17 Rotarians & two guests present Nick C introduced two of his grandsons, one of whom was destined to have a great meeting- see more below! Nick then insulted both of his grandsons by saying he left his favorite grandson at home!
Frank S made it to the meeting- which is a surprise as he was wearing his reading glasses when he left his home to drive to the meeting.
Since this is summer, we are now blessed to have Bill Cassell back with us. We can now have a great reason to make the summer meetings, as Bill always manages to be more entertaining and informative than some past speakers. Bill started out by holding a “knees and breeze” contest for those in shorts. Since both of Nick’s grandsons wore shorts on this 59-degree day, Bill awarded each with a trophy. How did Bill know what to do with the trophies he brought to the meeting? I suspect he came up with a solution at the meeting.
Lori read letters from a high school scholarship winner, and another from the Lexington Fire Department for a donation from the club that will be used to help firemen deal with issues from the opioid crises in Lexington that is facing every community in America!
While we usually do not have a speaker in summer, Bill C was the speaker. He explained how school today tries to teach students in a new way. No longer is the goal to accumulate facts, but to learn to adapt. The jobs of the future that children in school now need to be prepared for do not require only knowledge of facts but to be able to adapt.  We don’t know today what future job requirements will be. Bill has his students post signs in the room such as “Get better, get smarter”, among other posters. He then handed out to each table at the meeting a book used in schools in this state on the history of Massachusetts that was just re-written by the publisher. It was rewritten because the students in Bills class some time ago discovered factual errors in the older edition they were using. Bill contacted the publisher, told him of the class project of looking through the book for errors, and looking up and documenting the correct information. He convinced the publisher to issue a new edition with all the corrections found by his 3rd grade students, in recognition of the project, information on the project by Bill and his students is now documented in the new edition.  His students learned to question what is in books, ask questions, and look up the correct information. When the book was published, two years after the project was started, Bill gathered all the students- now in the fifth grade- and announced the results of their efforts. While the students and Bill were all thrilled, the real benefit is that Bill has taught his class a lesson they are likely to remember for the rest of their lives. Not many of us make such an impression on young people. Congratulations Bill!
There will be no meeting on August 31.
Members are expected to help the Burlington Rotary special Olympics on Saturday July 29 at 16 Center St, Burlington.
If you have not yet signed up for a shift, AM, Lunch, or PM, show up for one of the shifts.
One of PP Nick C’s grandsons won $50.00 in the 50/50 raffle. I’ll be we have future Rotarians from that family!
By PP Don S.
Rotary Spoke 07 17 17

Lazy Hazy Monday Breakfast Meeting.

On a beautiful summer morning, 12 Rotarians and 1 guests/potential member met at Lexington CC with President Lori presiding. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by PP Bob O, a historically bad version of America was led by PP Bill C (I am not sure if it was totally his fault), PP Domenic did the invocation. The food was a fantastic breakfast spread with eggs, bacon and pastries.   
Happy dollars were paid by PP Don M to stop PP Bill C from singing ever again (so maybe it was his fault), he was also happy he is no longer Sargent at arms and for his daughter Michelle who no longer works for the Pats and is now with a Wheels Up airplanes. PP Spencer (yours truly) gave for a fun time at the Red Sox game over the weekend where his kids both got baseballs from the game. PP Dan B is happy his cape house is still standing after letting his son Andrew have his bachelor party there. We had three members celebrating their anniversaries; Charlie V 52 years, PP Domenic 36 years and PP Murry 43 years. Nearly a century a wedding bliss combined.   
We are going to have our normal lunch meeting next week the 24th. There is no meeting on the 31st. Replace the meeting on the 31st is a joint activity with the Burlington club helping with a special Olympics softball tournament on Saturday July 29th. President Lori will be sending around a signup sheet and is looking for members to help for 2-hour periods throughout the day.  
Raffle gifts were donated by PP Bill, PP Doug H. and Walpole Cooperative Bank.   
PP Bob O won the 50/50.  
Rotary Spoke 07 10 17

President (2017-2018) Lori Presides Over Her First Meeting.

Final Exam!  Close your notebooks.  Shut off your phones, place them on your chairs, and sit on them. 
Your Name (in cursive):  ____________________
            Spanish Q:  Pres. Lori rang the meeting to order as el Presidente Supremo on a gorgeous summer day.  (Circle the Spanish words in the sentence.)
             Science Q:  If everyone ate scrumptious pulled pork, roasted chicken breast and potatoes, corn on the cob, coleslaw, a sandwich, and a cookie, how many Rotarians loosened their belts before leaving the meeting? ___________
            Math Q:  There were 23 Lexington Rotarians, 1 visiting Rotarian and 2 guests.  How many beach volley ball teams could we have?  ____  
(Extra credit:  If we all played in speedos, how many people would watch? ___) 
Charlie V. led the Welcome Song, and, even with doing his superb impression of Henry Latta, it “didn’t lag.”
            PP Dan O. led the P________; Charlie V crooned the lead in in the first verse of   A_______; PDG and PP Jack M. gave the i n v o c _ _ _ _ _.  (Spell the word correctly.)
            Third Grade Award:  PP John O. demonstrated his superior third grade questioning AND math skills when he inquired how the 50:50 Raffle generated a prize of $62 when each ticket was sold for $5.00. Do the math and show your work.  Explain where the other $0.50 went.  Pres. Lori won!
            Time:  Both PP Bob S. and PP Murry A. were seated before the meeting began.  Describe the super power that might have been responsible for this incredibly rare event.
            Classroom Management:  PP Bill C. who has more recent experience with 8-year-old minds, reminded Pres. Lori of the rhythmic repeated clap that can be used to silence a crowd of gregarious, chatty folk.  Pres. Lori reminded members that if you have a birthday during a summer month, it would be appreciated if you would speak up and pay up.
            Knock-out Knees:  PP Jim S, PP Nick C. and PP Paul Thibault of Concord showed off bare knees a week before the “1st Annual Knees in the Breeze Competition” and were fined.  But at next week’s 7:15 AM meeting (July 17), bare kneed Rotarians will compete for prizes.  An anonymous donor will contribute $3.00 per bare knee to the Club, so competitors will go fine-free.  Write a brief essay that describes how the bare knee winner should be chosen.
            Knock-out Board of Directors:  Excluding the Presidents, is the current board of directors less good-looking than the former board?  Circle your answer.  YES                    NO         SAME
            Togetherness:  PDG and PP Jack M. reported that three weeks ago his wife was hospitalized.  After two weeks, she is now home.  During that time, they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and her 73rd birthday. 
            Gratitude Q:  Our thanks to the raffle donors:  Walpole Cooperative Bank, Patriot Community Bank, and ARLEX Oil.
            Rotarian in Lion’s Clothing:  PP Jim S. was allegedly seen wearing a yellow Lions’ vest at the Lions Carnival.  Jim claimed that he was simply well-attired in an ordinary yellow vest, and he produced photographic evidence that the vest was actually adorned with a large Republican button.  To give credence to his claim that the button was legit, he produced a mailing from the National Republican Committee which was addressed to him.  Which two are more likely?  (Circle two.)  A.  Jim voted for Donald Trump.  B.  Jim knows how to use photo-shop.  C.  Jim has superior empathy for Lions’ feelings.
            Shirt-on-your-back:  PP Spencer reminded members that he will be ordering the new shirts and hats that members have requested.  Thank you, Spencer!
            Email Ideas:  PP and Treasurer Dan B. is working on ways to send Club invoices to members via email and to possibly collect payments using the Internet.  Also, Dan reminded members that, if they shop on, they can generate funds for Rotary by using the hyperlink to Amazon that is on the Club website.
            Closing:  President Lori reviewed future meetings and events (see below) and rang the __ell.  Fill in the blank to make a third-grade word, one that won’t get me phone calls from upset parents. 
Submitted by PP BC
  • July 17 - Breakfast Meeting at the Golf Club – 7:15 AM start.
  • July 24 - Regular noontime meeting
  • Saturday, July 29 – Burlington Club Special Olympics (Details to come!)
  • July 31 – No meeting due to Special Olympics
  • Thursday, September 28 – Meeting with Concord Club for Joint District DG visit. (Details later)
July 31 - No Meeting
Rotary Spoke 06 26 17

And the Gavel Changes Hands for The 87th Time.

Meet Your New Rotary Club of Lexington President for 2017-2018, Lori Moresco.

Lori was joined by many family members. (Sister & Brother here).
It was a wicked awesome day weather-wise (according to PP Spencer) when 22 Lexington Rotarians, one visiting Rotarian and ten guests met for the final meeting of Pres. Susan’s year. The buffet table consisted of delicious roast sirloin, mashed potatoes. veggies, Caesars salad and an assortment of cold cuts.
The meeting was called to order by Pres. Susan and after the pledge by PP Domenic., one verse of America by Charlie V., and the invocation by PP Don S., fines and happy dollars were in order. Among many contributions, PP Jim S. paid happy dollars to celebrate his attendance for the first time in weeks and also for Pres. Susan’s excellent year, PP Frank S. contributed for missing last week’s meeting when Paul Harris Fellow Awards were made to many Lexington Rotarians thanks to PP Doug.  District Governor Elect Dave G. made a donation for what we did last week with the PHF awards, PP Dave S. made a contribution for missing all our meetings since he moved to Wellesley.
Pres. Susan then recapped the highlights of her year, listing all of the things we did and the programs we supported:
  • Senior Bar-B=Q s at the three senior housing centers
  • Veteran’s Day celebrations in Bedford with the Concord Club
  • Toys for Tots at Christmas
  • Polar Plunge in February
  • Donations to LEXHAB in memory of PP Dave E. and the Lexington Fire Dept.
  • Launching of an Interact Club at Minuteman High School.
She then presented each of her outgoing board members with appreciation gifts.
Before taking over the meeting PE Lori presented President Susan with a traditional commemorative gavel plaque.
PE Lori M. then took over and talked about her goals for the year that included an aggressive program to increase our membership.
Lori then introduced the Club Officers for 2017-2018 with the assistance of DGE Dave G.
  • President – Lori M.
  • President Elect – Michelle G.
  • First Vice President – Dan O.
  • Second Vice President - Spenser B.
  • Secretary – PP Murry A.
  • Treasurer – PP Dan B.
  • Sergeant-At-Arms– Alan A.
  • Directors - PP Frank S.& (Absent) Jim T.
Lori then gave us the schedule for July meetings:
  • July   3 - No meeting
  • July 10 - Regular meeting
  • July 17 - Breakfast Meeting at the Golf Club – 7:15 AM start.
  • July 24 - Regular noontime meeting
  • July 31 - No Meeting
Pres. Lori then ended the meeting with a Champagne toast and a delicious cake.
Can anyone name this mystery visitor??
The 50/50 was $75.00, won by one of Lori’s guests who donated a portion back to the Club,
PP Bob S.
Rotary Spoke 06 19 17

A Special Day For The Rotary Club of Lexington!

Thanks to PP Doug Holmes President Susan Makes All Lexington Rotarians Paul Harris Fellows!

On a warm, sunny day, 14 Lexington Rotarians gathered for our regular weekly meeting. President Susan C. rang the bell at 12:30 PM.
  • PP Spencer led the pledge.
  • PSA Charlie led one verse of America. (Who remembered it was his turn after we started singing it.)
  • PP Dan Olsen gave the invocation.
Our wonderful lunch consisted of sword fish, soup, salad, cold cuts, vegetables, as well as bread, cookies and beverages. (Pattie great job as always !!)
Raffle gifts were donated by:
  • Patriot Community Bank
  • Walpole Cooperative Bank
  • Wagon Wheel Nursery & Farmstand
Fines and Happy $$$$
  • PP Dan B. gave money for his weekend golf outing.
  • PP Don M. gave happy dollars for his twin grandchildren.
  • Bob C. gave happy dollars for his son Scott who is recovering and getting back to normal after suffering a terrible motor cycle accident a year ago. (It was nice to hear a good news story.)
  • President Susan C. reminded every one of the induction ceremony for President Elect Lori Moresco, which will take place on Monday, June 26,2017. All members should try to be there, as well as any guests that would like to come. Please respond on our club’s app. or email.
Our speaker today was President Susan C.
President Susan had previously announced at our meetings, a special day for the club meeting would be taking place on June 19th. All Rotarians were asked to attend this special surprise event. 14 Rotarians did attend.
President Susan made the surprise announcement at the meeting. PP Doug H. who had donated generously to the Rotary foundation for many years made this day possible. Because of PP Doug’s generosity President Susan was able to take points that he had accumulated and distribute them among all of our members making the entire club Paul Harris recipients. This was a very special day for our club. Congratulations to our members.
President Susan C. had previously asked several members to share some memorable Rotary experiences with us. The following members did.
PP. Jim F. shared several memories that consisted of, BBQ Battles, painting the gazebo but having more paint on member’s clothing than on the gazebo. Other events that were memorable included, Friends Forever and Patriots Day.
Bob C’s. memorable experience was hearing his winning number being called at our annual Cash Raffle Event.
PP Bob S’s. memorable experiences included many Rotary International Conventions that included cities such as, Chicago and Rome. His most memorable experience was something to do with thin walls at a hotel room at a convention. I cannot elaborate this story in case young children may be reading. You can use your imagination on this one. (We love you Bob.)
President Susan’s memorable experience was the Polar Plunge experience of not having any feeling on her feet and legs from the cold water and sand.
Her other experience was receiving a thank you letter form a family in Lexington for a Thanksgiving Meal they had received.
President Susan also donated ice cream sundaes for all of our members to celebrate. (Thank you President Susan)
Congratulations President Susan. You did a great job as president, and it is appreciated.
President Susan proposed a twenty dollar fine on all members that did not attend. (You know who you are.) Pay up. I know somebody that knows somebody that can collect!  Capisce?
The 50:50 was a whopping $25 and won by PSA Charlie.
President Susan rang the end of meeting bell for the last time and our meeting was ended.
PP Domenic S.
Rotary Spoke 06 12 17

Bob O'Hara of "No Labels.Org" Speaks to Rotary.

On a beautiful summer day, 20 Rotarians and 2 guests met at Lexington CC with President Susan C presiding. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by PP Domenic, one verse of America was led by Charlie V (who also did the Welcome song), and PP Don S provided the Invocation. The lunch was great as usual with some grilled chicken, grilled pork loin, veggies, salad and of course cookies!
Happy dollars were started by PP Domenic for the great singing to start the meeting. Allan put in $20 for this being the last meeting we had a speaker. Allan did an excellent job setting up the speakers this year. Thank you! Ugur paid happy dollars for his new Rotary Badge. PP Spencer (myself) put in some happy dollars for going to Monster Truck show with my son Ryan this weekend.
There were no fines, even though Allan was pushing the dress code in shorts and flip flops. Don’t get any ideas PP Jim S.
Next week’s meeting is going to be a celebration of our Rotary year. The following week, June 26th, is the induction ceremony meeting. Good luck Lori!
We had a few members attend the Sports Night at Minuteman Tech, they had a wonderful time and Minuteman is excited to have our partnership with their sports night.
Speaking of Minuteman, we have officially signed the paperwork to sponsor an Interact Club starting this Fall. Finally, we are going to be purchasing new shirt for Rotarians (see below), if you are interested a shirt and matching hat, the cost will be $50. Please reach out to me,, and let me know the size of shirt you would like.  
Raffle gifts were donated by Patriot Community Bank and Walpole Cooperative Bank.   
The speaker this week was Bob O’Hara. Around 10 years ago Bob got fed up with the discourse within our national and local politics. He felt there had to be a better way to have people talk to each other and find common ground. After doing some research he found the group, No Labels ( A non-profit that helps people wanting to have their voice heard within politics. No Labels does not support any political party, but works to help bring people together to get involved with politics outside of election time. Here is their opinion if you want to get in touch and have your voice heard. Call the local office of your representative, tell them you are local and a registered voter in their district, get to your point right away, share how it affected you or your community and finally give you address to confirm you are a registered voter in their district. The best way to talk to your rep is to make an appointment. You can also send personal hand-written mail.   
PE Lori’s son Ethan won the 50/50.  
Rotary Spoke 06 05 17

Author, Sports Writer, David Ostrowsky Speaks to Rotary.

A very nice ROCL meeting was held at the Lexington Community Center.  Although it was very wet, chilly and raw outside, we were in a beautiful and comfortable facility. Luncheon consisted of a variety of very nice sandwiches, and sodas and cookies, prepared by Neillio's. 
In attendance were 14 Lexington Rotarians, one visiting Rotarian, Kevin Sullivan of the Bedford club, and two guests, for a total of 17
The pledge was given by PP President Domenic S, First Verse of America led by Allan A, and the Invocation given by PP Murry A. (yours truly). The Welcome Song was capably led by Charlie V. 
Happy dollars were donated by the following:
  • PP Dan B, a $100 happy donation for his daughter Haley's engagement this past weekend - congratulations to you, Haley!
  • PP Nick C., for coming here and actually spending money for a Rotary meal, instead of having a free senior citizens meal elsewhere in this building.
  • PP Frank S., in honor of Charlotte Rogers, the Community Center Director of Human Services, and for her help in setting up today's meeting.
  • VP Michele G., (who very capably chaired today's meeting BTW), for a successful Memorial Day Celebration for the Veterans last weekend at the Veteran's Administration Facilities in Bedford in conjunction Rotary of Concord, and in which several RCOL members participated.
  • Guest Kevin Sullivan, of the Rotary Club of Bedford, announced information about Foreign Student Exchange Programs, which either last a full scholastic year, or for shorter programs, hosting a foreign student or students for several weeks. Kevin said to contact our district, for further information if any Lexington Rotaries would like to serve as hosts for some of these foreign exchange students.
  • PP Dominic S. announced that this coming Thursday at 6 PM, we are sponsoring the Minuteman Regional Technical High School Student Athlete Awards Program, and asked for as many of us as possible to please attend.
Program Co-Chair Allan A. introduced our speaker, David Ostrowsky. David spoke about some of the professional sports figures who have retired, and has written a book entitled, "Game Over or Game On". It appears that many athletes in our four major sports, the NBA, NFL, and NHL, and MBL, have managed their financial matters in a poor way, either during their playing years or after retiring , and it is anywhere from 50% and above of all professional athletes who fail to be able to fully support themselves in retirement. They have worked very hard, are extremely talented, yet lose out in the end. It is a matter of managing their finances. Examples include former Boston Bruin Derek Sanderson who had played years for the Bruins, who became lost and depressed and did not know what to do, and finally regained himself both spiritually and financially, after much advice and professional and personal help. On the other end of the spectrum, Alan Page, who played in the NFL for the Minnesota Vikings and was a very successful athlete, went to law school while playing, and has now advanced to become a Minnesota Supreme Court Justice. His is a success story and exemplary. Several other examples were given also. Much depends upon the athlete himself as well as those around him who can give him advice or send him to the proper sources of advice and help. It was a very good presentation followed by a question and answer period. A very sobering, to say the least, and informative topic. (David generously donated 25% of all book sales proceeds for the day to the club.)
Click the cover to buy on Amazon
At this meeting, there were no raffle drawings, and we shall return to the usual format next Monday at the Lexington Golf Club.
Again, don't forget at the Minuteman Regional Technical High School Student Awards Night, this coming Thursday evening at 6 PM. 
PP Murry A. 
Rotary Spoke 05 22 17

PDG District 7680 Chris Jones Travels to Lexington to

Deliver His Message on "Rise Against Hunger"

It was a dark, drizzly, overcast, cool day when 19 Rotarians and 2 guests gathered at the Lexington Golf Club for the May 22, 2017, Rotary lunch meeting.  
The luncheon fare was delicious, as usual, consisting of salmon, chicken, hot pastrami, rice, asparagus, salad, with fruit and cookies for dessert.
President Susan called the meeting to order at precisely 12:30 p.m.  
The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Meghan.  One verse of America and the Welcome Song were led by Charlie V.  Past Pres. Nick C. delivered the invocation.  
In the raffle, Terri won the golf balls, which she gave to PP Dan B.
Happy Dollars:
  • PP Murray gave happy dollars for his fantastic trip abroad, visiting seven countries, including stops in Amsterdam, Berlin, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, and Copenhagen.  
  • PP Nick gave happy dollars also, because he didn’t realize Murray was gone.  
  • PP Dominic gave some happy dollars for his goddaughter’s graduation from Salem State.  
  • PP Spencer gave happy dollars for having his daughter want to dance with him at a Father-Daughter dance and be happy about it; he’s “not sure if that will ever happen again.”  
  • PP Dan B. gave happy dollars for being 64 years young.  
  • And PP Murray matched that for his upcoming 76th.
  • Pres. Susan announced that the Rotary’s donation to the “Light up Lincoln Field” was a contributing factor in the lights soon being installed on the playing fields.
  • She also asked for member support of the upcoming Memorial Day events on Monday.
  • PP Dan B. urged members to take advantage of electronic media when replying and/or signing up for Club events.  If you need help installing the app, consult PP Dan and he will be glad to help you.
  • Pres. Susan also suggested that club members go out and tell somebody about their experience with Rotary and about our meetings and what great speakers we have as a way of growing our membership.
Today’s speaker was Chris Jones, who flew up from Raleigh, North Carolina to speak with us about Rotary Foundation work with his organization, “Rise Against Hunger”, formerly called “Stop Hunger Now."  This is the organization we packed meals for at Pilgrim Church last fall.  They seek to eliminate hunger in the world, in much the same way Rotary strives to eliminate polio.  Rotarians have packaged 30 million meals for this organization in the past twelve years.  In addition to food assistance, Rise Against Hunger works to nourish lives and empower communities.  They also provide emergency relief.  Ending hunger also promotes peace.  See their website for more information:
Rotary Spoke 05 15 17

Rotary Welcomes Our 2017 Scholarship Recipients.

The only good news about the weather today is that THE RAIN HAS STOPPED!  Still cold.  Still cloudy, but it’s a start. 
The Rotary Club of Lexington gathered for its weekly meeting and to make our annual scholarship presentations.  The room was packed with Rotarians, guests, the recipients and their families.   There were 17 Lexington Rotarians, 1 visiting Rotarian, 1 potential Rotarian, and 36 guests for a total of 55.
The luncheon was a great assortment of meatballs, ravioli, chicken, sandwich fixings, coleslaw, Caesar salad, hot soup, cut fruit, chocolate chip cookies, assorted beverages and WHOOPIE PIES!  (They were great!) 
The bell was rung by Pres. Susan and the room came to order.  The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Bob Cunningham.  The 1st verse of America was led by PSAA Charlie Vail and the invocation was led by PDG Jack Maloney.
President Susan had a Lexington Rotarian at each table introduce the parents of the scholarship recipients which went well, with the slight exception of Steve Kirkland’s group, but he finally did a great job.    
Raffle gifts were generously donated by:
Wagon Wheel Nursery & Farmstand
Patriot Community Bank
Walpole Cooperative Bank
(and 1 more that I didn’t hear…Sorry)
(The gifts today were all won by scholarship recipients)
Happy Dollars were offered by:
PP Spencer gave $50 Happy Dollars to bring the total take for Friday night to over 15.5K.  It was a great night. 
PP Dan gave $20 Happy Dollars for a successful Comedy Night.
PP Jim Freehling gave happy dollars for a successful Scholarship Day.
Fees, fines and taxes:
NONE, although there were a couple of questionable moments
Today’s Announcements were:
There was no speaker today and no announcements, but a talk was given by PP/SAA Don Martini for the benefit of our guests about the history and purpose of Rotary.  In my opinion, it was a great talk.  It was informative and heart felt.  I think it made a great impression on our guests and members. PP Jim Freehling thanked PP/SAA Don for saving him a lot of time with his informative talk.  He then went on to thank the scholarship committee for their hard work as well as Pres. Susan for all of her help.  He also encouraged the guests to keep Rotary in mind when it comes time for them to give back.  He then presented the scholarships to the students.  They were:
From Lexington Christian Academy:
Thomas Karanian, Melanie de Oliveria, Bethany Van Antwerp, Steven Wangquian
From Lexington High School:
Elise Santiago, Simone Goss, Samantha Camilo, Attiya Nurse, Walden NG, Christina Han, David Wong, Julian Dong, Alec Rodriguez.
From Minute Man:
Alison Nakhtigal, Alison Beucler.
The 50/50 raffle was finally won by someone other than PP Spencer.  It was won by Burlington / Honorary Lexington Rotarian, PP and retired Fire Chief Paul Thibault in the amount of $45. 
The bell was rung and the meeting came to a close.  Looking forward to much better weather for all future meetings.   
Presented by Allan Azoff
Rotary Spoke 05 08 17

Neil Sheth of "Light Up Lincoln" Presents the Program to Rotary.

Neil Sheth “Light Up Lincoln”
23 Rotarians and 1 guest speaker gathered for the weekly meeting.  President Susan rang the bell at 12:30 to get thing started. 
  • Pledge was led by PP Bob
  • 1st verse of America by Charlie
  • Invocation by PP Don 
Raffle Items Donated By:
  • Walpole Cooperative Bank
  • Rotary Club of Lexington
  • Wagon Wheel Nursery & Farm Stand
Fine/Happy Dollars:
  • PP Bob gave happy dollars for the comedy night tickets that were delivered to his house by PP Dan B.
  • PP Frank gave happy dollars for another successful year with Sand for Seniors and happy dollars because his dogs surgery went well.
  • PP Domenic gave happy dollars for his recent trip to Aruba
  • Ugur gave happy dollars for his new book that he started to write
  • PP Jim gave happy dollars for the upcoming Chamber Golf outing on 6/5 – teams are needed
  • President Susan mentioned the upcoming golf Tournament for the Rotary Foundation
  • PP Spencer talked about Comedy night this Friday at 7:00 – Bar opens at 6:00!
    • 5 tickets remaining - keep selling!
Neil Sheth “Light Up Lincoln”:
Neil Sheth who is a member of the Lexington United Soccer Club came to Rotary to talk about the project that he has been working on for the past 3.5 years called “Light up Lincoln”.  The purpose of this project is to get permanent lights installed on Lincoln Field.  Neil with a few other volunteers set up a non-profit group to raise $550,000 to have lights built and then installed on Lincoln Field.  Currently Lincoln Field does not have lights and they have to rent them each year costing about $10-$15,000.  The advantages of having lights permanently installed will allow teams to practice and play at night.  The committee decided on Lincoln field because of the turf fields.  The turf fields allow teams to play in mostly any weather condition.  The non-profit group has already raised about $365,000 with hope to raise about $185,000 more to build these 4 light posts and install them.  Once the project is complete the town will be able to rent out the fields and make more money off them.  For more information on this project please visit their website.
Editors Note: As of this printing, the board of directors of the Rotary Club of Lexington, has unanimously approved a $7,500.00 donation be made to the "Light Up Lincoln" project.
50-50 Winner:
  • $60 cash prize this week and the winner was PP Spencer won for the third week in a row!   
Jimmy T
Rotary Spoke 05 01 17

Lexington Fire Chief John Wilson Presents to Rotary

Monday was a dreary, drizzly, raw day outside but inside was fun and festive with an indoor cookout! There were burgers of all varieties, (thanks Patty) fries, corn on the cob, potato salad, as well as the usual delicious choices.
Joining the twenty four Rotarians, were three guests including the speaker. The pledge was led by PP Jim S. PSaA Charlie V led us in the first verse of America, and PDG Jack gave the invocation. The three guests were introduced and PSaA Charlie started us on the welcome song.
The raffle gifts were donated by Arlex Oil, Brookhaven and Wagon Wheel Nursery.
Happy dollars came fast and furiously.
  • PP Ed G. for a yes vote for the Brookhaven reconstruction.
  • PP Jim F., also for Brookhaven, thanking PP Ed, Bill Daley, and all who made phone calls to the selectmen.
  • PDG Jack M. for a wonderful dinner with the Lions, noting though, that his fellow Rotarians, PP Dan B, PP Nick C, and PP Bob S, were not wearing Rotary pins. PP Nick C. gave a long excuse involving his toilet which was not very believable.
  • PP Dan B. for his twins Jenna and Andrew’s thirty third birthday mentioning that Andrew and his fiancé, a nurse at Lahey will be moving in with him.
  • Allen A. a belated thank you to all for a fantastic Patriots’ Day
  • Terry W. for the honor of participating on the scholarship committee and thanking PP Jim F. and PP Ed G. for the experience.
  • PP Jim F. thanked the scholarship committee for the help to grant fifteen scholarships to students from LHS, LCA and Minuteman on May 15th at our luncheon.
  • PP Spencer B. for the upcoming comedy night on May 12th. Thanks to the advertisers and those who donated to the silent action. There are ten seats remaining and available!
PP Murry A. introduced the speaker, Chief John Wilson thanking him for the department always going above and beyond. While introducing Chief John, Murry said police instead of fire and paid a fine for that. Chief John has been a firefighter for thirty two years, coming in the same year the Rotary Club of Lexington purchased and donated the Jaws of Life to the fire department. Chief John is a fifth generation firefighter and a Lexington resident all of his life. He presented a slideshow and talked of the history of the Lexington Fire Department dating back to the beginning in 1829. It took four years of discussion but it did happen. A space was purchased for one hundred and ninety dollars and included a shed for two engines. In the 1890s, the department consisted of only three permanent members. In 1940, the first ambulance was purchased. In 1947 the department moved to the current location with eighteen members. In 1994, the software was updated to include a new GPS system. Currently, the Fire Department employs forty four paramedics, two intermediate EMTs, sixteen basic EMTs and two advanced Life Support ambulance personal. The department currently conducts extensive daily training which can include bus training using busses from C & W and the boy scouts, real fires using tear down properties in Lexington, and Auto Rescue using junk cars at John P Carroll’s Auto.
One new advancement coming soon is the improved 911 service which will speed up location information. The Fire Department also does a lot of community education such as SAFE, a school education program increasing student awareness of fire education. Also, programs at the senior center continue to educate that population as well.
Currently sixty five percent of the calls received at the Fire Department are related to a medical emergency. The department also does about eleven hundred inspections.
There were many questions relating to costs. A new Fire Station is badly needed and would require an override to fund the twenty million dollar cost. A bare bones striped down fire truck cost a half a million dollars. A multi functioning new ambulance cost one million dollars.
IP Lori M passed out a survey. It can be submitted online. Please fill it out entirely.
Reminder, please attend comedy night May 12th.
Rotary Spoke 04 24 17

Speakers From the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts Talk to Rotary


The day was bright and sunny.  We were in the company of 17 Lexington Rotarians and 5 guests.  The luncheon fare was steak tips, chicken, mashed potatoes, veggies, salad, fruit and chocolate chip cookies for dessert.
The Pledge was led by PP Jim, 1st verse of America by PSA Charles V, and the Invocation by Don S.  The welcome song was led by PSA Charlie V.
Raffle gifts were donated by:
  • Walpole Co-op
  • Bob Cunningham
  • Arlex Oil
PP Spencer gave happy dollars for a trip with his family, PP Dan gave happy dollars for Patriots Day,  1st VP Michelle  gave happy dollars for Sophia turning 7, PP Nick gave happy dollars for only working 2 hours at Patriots Day, PP Bob S gave happy dollars and fined everyone $1 for not knowing Paul Harris’ middle name, Sec Julianne gave happy dollars for a vacation, PP Don M gave money for going on vacation, but wanted everyone to know he paid for the helium and PP Jim gave happy dollars for the Brookhaven project vote. Ugur (Pronounced OOR) gave happy dollars for his first trip to Cape Cod. P Susan suggested a fine for everyone that was scheduled for Patriots Day and did not show up.
Ugur Urgun, Rotary Club of Lexington's Newest Member Inducted.
PSA Charlie announced the barbeque that was being held for Ed Barsamian on 4/24.  Also the interviews for the scholarships are being held on 4/25 and the luncheon will be held on May 15th.  There are 12 seats left for Comedy Night, let PP Spencer or PP Dan know if you have anybody in mind that would want tickets.  PP Murray spoke about the Concord meeting and what a success the guest speaker was.  PP Jim F and P Susan introduced our new member Ugur who was previously a Rotary member in Istanbul. Battle of Lexington Trivia will be held on 5/6/17 from 4-6pm at the Lexington Depot, Rotary will pay the fee if anyone is interested.
Jennifer Kahn and Danielle came from the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts which is part of the Brain Injury Association of United States.  It is a private non-profit and supports survivors of brain injuries to provide for a better future.  We heard from Danielle who was a junior in high school when she was hit by a drunk driver and went through the windshield of a car. At that time she thought “Why wear a seat belt-why bother.?” Now she advocates for all to wear seatbelts to avoid having to go through what she has been through. Danielle was fortunate that her family received a settlement that allowed them to hire Jennifer as a full-time, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, live-in caregiver.  They explained that a brain injury changed the lives of the survivor, family and friends forever.
The 50/50 raffle was won by PP Spencer in the amount of $55.
1st VP Michelle G.
Rotary Spoke 04 13 17

Annual Patriots Day Weekend Meeting With Concord Rotary.

Special Speaker of the Day Captain Ray Dupuis
On a beautiful 55 Degree spring day, members of the Rotary Club of Lexington met with the Concord Rotarians in Concord at the Colonial Inn.  Several of our older Rotarians remembered when the hotel first opened (only kidding). 
Concord Rotarians led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and a Prayer.
Several Concord Rotarians paid fines and happy dollars.  They had a very successful Night at the Pops and also a cleanup of the highway and other various events. 
Several Lexington Rotarians Contributed money to the Concord Club. 
PDG Jack M. paid happy dollars for being at the Concord Club.
PP Nick C. paid happy dollars for being back from Florida.
PP Dan O. paid happy dollars for the quick action of Arlex Oil with a hot water heater leak.
PP Murry A. introduced the speaker and also thanked the Concord Club for hosting us and asked that we consider doing this joint meeting every year.
The Speaker was Captain Ray Dupuis of the Watertown Police Department.  Captain Dupuis showed a short video of the events that took place on April 15, 2013 and April 19, 2013 with the shootout in Watertown.  The talk was riveting and the video and sound was moving.  We are so thankful to the brave men and women of the various police, fire and emt crews who so bravely fought against terrorism. 
50/50 was won by a Concord Rotarian.
No meeting Patriots Day, all hands on deck.
Respectfully submitted PP Jim F.
Rotary Spoke 04 03 17

Jeff Loeb of the Maynard Rotary Club Speak About UBECI

Today's Rotary meeting on April 3, 2017 was one of our first meetings that actually made it seem like Spring is coming! It's very possible that golfers might actually be playing the Lexington Golf Club course this year.
Our meal for the day was, as usual, yummy. 
Announcements were made including that our meeting next week will NOT be at the golf club but will be our annual joint meeting with the Concord club which this year will be taking place at the Colonial Inn next Thursday 4/13. There is a mystery guest speaker that Murray is excited about that he says we won’t want to miss! They are also are doing a food drive so come with non-perishables.
7 day notice was given for the induction of our newest member Ugur Ergun who was a Rotarian outside of Istanbul, Turkey for 14 years. He will be getting his pin soon!
Comedy night is fast approaching there are still tables and single tickets available, see PP Dan B or PP Spencer. Also see PP Bob Sacco for posters and Program Book ads. Silent Auction items are needed, please contact VP Michelle if you have something to contribute. PP Don Martini is soliciting gift cards to create a collage for the silent auction as well as volunteers for the night itself.
PP Jim Freeling let us know that the Town of Lexington has graciously decided to accepted 12 million dollars in “voluntary giving” from Brookhaven but the vote still needs to pass Town Meeting. So if you know any Town Meeting members, grease them up! The date for the scholarship lunch has been set for May 15th and interviews have started at the local high schools.
PP Frank Smith let us know that he is accepting names for volunteers over Patriot’s Day weekend to pick up the empty Sand for Seniors buckets. Just drop them at the loading dock at Brookhaven.
PP Domenic is excited about upcoming Patriot’s day festivities. There will be a morning and an afternoon shift that will be posted soon and all are encouraged to attend.
Our speaker was, the very dedicated Maynard Rotarian, Jeff Loeb ( ) who is the director of United to Benefit Ecuadorian Children International. This organization helps children in Quito, who otherwise have no formal education, have time out of their day to play with their peers and learn valuable motor, social and academic skills as well as personal hygiene. They help them enroll in school and offer ongoing academic and social support.
Watch some of their You Tube videos here.
You can sponsor a child for $150 a year and the funds go to helping this fabulous group and these children that need any assistance they can get to procure a brighter future.
50/50 was $60 and went to the master of disaster Alan A.
Meaghan M.
Rotary Spoke 03 27 17

Conductor and Musical Director Jonathan McPhee of The Lexington Symphony Speaks to Rotary.

Our meeting began on a cold rainy day, back at the Lexington Golf Club, after a good meeting, with great food at the Minuteman Tech School. President Susan opened the meeting, with a large number of Rotarians, and guests. One of our guests was the Rev. Dr. Sandra G. Whitley President of the Rotary Club of Chelsea. We had one of the best pre-dinner benedictions we have ever had. Jack M. will have to raise to an even higher level.
After some fines, and a contribution from PP Dan B, celebrating his daughter Haley getting a job at Brookhaven at Lexington - with PP Jim F matching the contribution. We had a few words from 2nd time guest, potential new member, Ugur Ergun, of Turkey. He currently resides in Lexington while his wife is located here for her employment. He told me he can work on his own business from any location, so living in Lexington works out just fine.
PP Dan B announced that he has the Comedy Night tickets, and notified all present that if we want a table together, we should act fast. Soon all tickets will be offered to the general public.
The basketball pool is going well, at least for those who chose Gonzaga as their winning team.
Our speaker of the day was Jonathan McPhee, conductor of the Lexington Symphony. He has had a long and distinguished tenure with the orchestra, leading it with a team of staff and volunteers, some of whom were at the meeting. On May 6, 2017 , at Cary Hall, the Lexington Orchestra, in co-operation with community groups will present a day of both community music & music of the movies.
2-5PM: Symphony quintet performance of “Peter & the Wolf’, a cappella singers, Indian music and dance, traditional Chinese music, Lexington High Jazz ensemble. All on the Main Stage.
2-5 PM: Downstairs: petting zoo, a chance for you to conduct, face painting, and more.
7:30 -10 PM: Lexington Symphony presents: Music From The Movies: with special guests-Explore the vital role music plays in setting the mood and telling a story in film. Featuring memorable favorites   & some behind the scenes surprises. This program is typical of the cultural diversity that is celebrated by the citizens of Lexington. It will likely be a sellout. Get your tickets by calling 781-523-9009, or
There will be a Memorial Service for PP Doug Holmes on April 1,2017 at The Follen Church, 755 Mass Ave. from 2-4 PM.
April 13, 2017, a Thursday, we will have an away, joint meeting, with Concord Rotary at the Colonial Inn. Expect a great surprise speaker. Only Murry A. knows who.
Don’t forget to download our new Rotary Club of Lexington APP from the APP Store for iPhone and the Play Store for Android devices.
Search: Rotary Club of Lexington and select the Rotary Wheel. 
By PP Don S.
Rotary Spoke 03 20 17

Rotary Meets at Minuteman High School

Brian Tilsdey, Assistant Principal Speaks to Rotary About ALiCE.

March 20th was a crisp cold day. There was filtered sunlight emanating from a pale blue sky blanketed with wispy cirrus clouds. While snow is still on the ground, it was a nice start to spring. Eighteen Rotarians and two guests gathered at Minuteman High School for a delicious luncheon of salad, potatoes, squash, chicken, turkey and a panoply of desserts.
One of our guests was Ugar Ergun, past president of Istanbul Tesvikiye Rotary Club and currently residing in Lexington. Our other guest was Maryanne Nadeau Ham who will be our Interact contact at Minuteman High School.
The pledge of allegiance was led by PP Jim F, one verse of America by Charlie V and the Invocation by PDG Jack M. The welcome song was also lead by Charlie V and it sounded so good, Charlie chipped in some happy dollars for our performance.
PP Spencer B had happy dollars for his brother joining the Andover Rotary club. PP Dan B fined himself for misremembering the speaker schedule and starting a chain (broken by PP Murry A) of emails with the program committee to solve the imaginary crisis.  PP Murry had an excuse for not responding to PP Dan, but it didn’t pass the 4 Way Test, so he paid a fine as well.
PP Spencer B updated us on the NCAA Tournament brackets. The club has 28 brackets and Michelle G is currently in the lead. PP Spencer also informed the club that Comedy Night tickets are now available and we are still looking for people to place ads and donate items for the silent auction.
Raffle donations were made by Arlex Oil, Peoples United Bank and Brookhaven.
Our speaker was Brian Tilsdey, assistant principal at Minuteman High School. He spoke about the ALiCE program that started in Texas and has spread to many school systems around the country. The ALICE program is designed to improve school security and student/faculty safety. ALiCE is an acronym for Alert, Lockdown, Inform,Counter, Evacuate. Students are taught how to be safe in the workplace, school, while driving and using the internet. We all became aware of the heightened security at the school when we had to show are driver’s license and have a personal badge created for us before we could gain entry to the school. As part of the program students and teachers are given instructions on how to secure/lockdown a classroom if necessary and Lexington and Lincoln police have provided training sessions for the faculty and staff in techniques to counter an attacker. Evacuation plans are in place and student have had drills on how to evacuate the school and where to meet after leaving the school. Students and staff are also taught how to profile people who might look suspicious and to point them out to the administration. The program ended with a video created by parents in Sandy Hook NJ, following the horrific school attack in that community. The video pointed out the importance of being aware of your surroundings and to report any signs of suspicious activity and alert the faculty to students who may be planning to do harm. For more information on the ALiCE program, check out this web link:
The 50:50 raffle was for $25 and was won by PP Bob S.
     Ugar Ergun
Rotary Spoke 03 13 17

Bob Martel, Licensed Hypnotist, Owner of Positive Results Hypnosis, Speaks to Rotary About the Benefits of Hypnosis.

The Club met on a cold, sunny, beautiful late-winter day. This time of year one thinks of the coming spring. However this day we are awaiting the arrival of one of the worst blizzards in years. As I write this I can barely see the house across the street. Come sweet golf season, come!
We dined on roast pork, fried chicken, mashed potatoes and veggies.
There were 18 Rotarians and one visitor (our speaker).
Raffle gifts were donated by Bob C., Walpole Cooperative Bank and Brookhaven. PP Dominick won the 50/50…$50.
Happy dollars: PP Dan B. for new sponsors for our website, PP Jim for progress in navigating through the red tape of Brookhaven vs. the Town of Lexington, Bob C. for an up-coming trip on Rt. 66, PP Frank for a recent trip to Asia, and VP Michelle for one of her clients donating $500 to Comedy Night (without buying a table).
Fined for no badge were PP Don S., PDG Jack (OMG of all people!), and Alan A. Yours truly fined PP Dominick for misspelling my name in last week’s bulletin. PP Dan B paid the fine as he was the culprit. Moral of the story: never mistake a Norwegian for a Swede!
Pres. Susan announced the opening of an Interact Club at Minuteman High School in the fall of 2017. Both she and PP Sharon Spaulding from the Concord Club will be heading it up.
PP Spencer announced that the brackets for the NCAA Tournament are now available online. If you want to participate you have until Thursday, 3/16/2017 to fill in your bracket. Don’t forget the 20 bucks!
Comedy Night: there are new ad forms, a PDF version is available online. Also Silent Auction items are needed. Tickets will be available next week.
Our speaker was Bob Martel, a clinical hypno therapist and owner of Positive Results Hypnosis, . He gave a very interesting talk on hypnosis as a way of relieving anxiety, stress, chronic pain, phobias, stuttering and many other subconscious conditions that plague people in their lives. Hypnosis can help achieve a heightened state of awareness, more focused concentration and improved performance in academics and sports. In addition to his talk, Bob is also a licensed hot air balloon pilot at Boston Hot Air Balloon Rides and has donated a weekday hot-air balloon ride for two ( a $550.00 value) to the Comedy Night silent auction. From personal experience I highly recommend bidding on this one!
Bob gave us all a 5 minute relaxation session to help relax and rejuvenate, which can be found below.
Relaxation Exercise and Hypnotic Suggestion
This is a 5-minute self-hypnosis exercise designed to help you relax and give yourself a positive suggestion. Read it aloud 3-4 times, or perhaps record it and play it back for yourself until you are comfortable with doing it from memory.
(Close your eyes…) Allow yourself to take a nice long deep breath, exhale and focus in on your breathing for a few moments… ignoring everything else around you… all sounds are simply signals to relax…. And now let any tension just float away…as you continue to focus on your breath…your deeper, relaxed breathing … and now just getting centered and continue focusing on your breathing…and allowing relaxation to just happen… effortlessly… magically… automatically…
Now… say the following…(out loud):
  1. I feel calm… I feel relaxed… I feel in control… I am calm…I am relaxed… I feel safe… I feel secure… I am confident…. I am letting go… as I allow myself to just relax further… and as I let go… all of my muscle groups begin to relax…my jaw relaxes… my whole body is as relaxed as a rag doll or wet wash cloth…I feel calm… relaxed… I am in control of my emotions.
  1. As all of my muscle groups relax… from head to toe…  a wonderful relaxed feeling comes over me…. as a beam of sunlight focuses on my head and spreads relaxation and warmth throughout my entire body… it rids me of all negative thoughts…all negative feelings… and all negative self talk… leaving me with only positive thoughts and positive feelings… and positive self talk….I feel calm… I feel relaxed... I am in control… and I persist until I succeed…
  1. My mind is now relaxed… so completely relaxed and open to receive the helpful and beneficial… and positive suggestions I am about to give myself… for my own highest and best…for my own wellness and success… and happiness… allowing me to better enjoy each and every day.
          (Your own personal suggestion – present tense, positive)
Example: every day and in every way I am better and better!
  1. Taking a deep breath…. And exhaling….I feel calm… I feel relaxed…I feel in control…I am calm… I am relaxed… I am in control… open your eyes and go about your day! (Emerge self by counting to 5)
  Bob Martel, Positive Results Hypnosis
Holden, MA
Important note: next week we meet at the Minuteman High School.
PP Dan O
Rotary Spoke 03 06 17

PP Dan Olsen Speaks to Rotary About Club Longevity

On a cold, sunny day, 21 Lexington Rotarians, and 1 guest gathered for our regular weekly meeting. President Susan C. rang the bell at 12:30 PM.
  • Vice President Michelle led the pledge.
  • PSA Charlie led one verse of America.
  • PSA Charlie led the welcome song.
  • PP Don S. gave the invocation.
Our wonderful lunch consisted of chicken, pasta, soup, salad, cold cuts, vegetables, as well as bread, cookies and beverages.
  • Raffle gifts were donated by:
  • Brookhaven at Lexington.
  • Boston Volvo Village.
  • Busa Wine and Spirits.
Fines and Happy $$$$
  • PP Jim S. gave happy dollars for the Town of Lexington Election Day.
  • PP Murry A. was fined for not paying attention.
  • PP Dan B. Announced that we have adopted the Rotary Club of Lexington app.To offset the cost of the app, our sponsorship fees will increase to $100 per year on our Rotary Club of Lexington web site.
  • PP Spencer B. announced the NCAA Tournament. Please sign up.
  • PP Spencer B. announced our Annual Comedy Night will occur on May 12, 2017.
  • This year Lenny Clark and Christine Hurley will be our comedians, Tony V. will be our MC. Tickets will sell fast for this event, so act now before they are gone.
  • President Susan announced a Cooperative membership committee meeting would take place on March 6, 2016 at 6:30 PM at the Starbucks at Bedford
  • Street. Any members interested in getting involved are welcome.
  • President Susan announced the passing of Eva Moresco, the daughter of President Elect Lori Moresco. A celebration of life for Eva will take place this Saturday, March 11, at 5 p.m., at the Portsmouth Elks Lodge. All Rotarians are welcome to attend.
PP Dan B. announced the passing of Annette Brown, wife of former Rotarian Peter Brown. Visitation at the Bedford Funeral Home, 167 Great Rd. Bedford, MA on Wed., March 8, from 3:00-8:00 PM. Funeral Mass in St. Michael Church,
90 Concord Rd., Bedford, on Thurs., March 9, at 10 AM.
Our speaker was PP Dan O. Our topic was how to solve our declining membership at our Rotary Club and attract new members. Several articles have been written on this subject by Jim Henry of the Rotary E-Club of Southeast USA and Caribbean. Here is the link. His articles include many topics and are a good read.
Today’s Rotary is different than Rotary has been as little as 15 years ago. With bust schedules and social media taking over, it has changed how people meet and interact. We now must find ways of renewing how we achieve a thriving club, retain members, recruit new members, and most important keep our members engaged so that they will be excited about the many things that we do as a service club. There is no on size fits all solution. We must come together as a club and participate spreading the message of what we do and who we are.
The 50:50 was $55 and won by PP Domenic.
President Susan rang the bell and our meeting was ended.
PP Domenic Sicari
Rotary Spoke 02 27 17

Carolyn Wortman from the Lexington Interfaith Food Pantry Speaks to Rotary

On a beautiful Monday afternoon 17 Rotarians, 1 visiting Rotarian, 1 speaker, and 3 additional guests gathered for the weekly meeting.  President Susan rang the bell at 12:30 to get things started.
  • PP Domenic led the pledge
  • 1st verse of America by Charlie
  • Invocation by PDG Jack
Raffle Items Donated by:
  • PP Dan Busa
  • Bob Cunningham
  • Peoples United Bank
  • Brookhaven
Happy Dollars:
  • Charlie gave happy dollars for his birthday
  • PP Dan O gave happy dollars for his new car
  • PP Spencer gave happy dollars for his vacation down to Florida and spring training with his wife and kids
  • PP Domenic gave happy dollars for moving to a new office
  • Michelle gave happy dollars for her vacation to NH with her kids
  • Terry gave happy dollars for her vacation to Mexico and getting her friends hooked on tequila!
  • PP Dan B gave happy dollars because his daughter is buying a house
  • Steve K gave happy dollars for his birthday coming up
  • PP Murray gave happy dollars because his carpel tunnel surgery went well
  • PP Dan B fined PP Murry for his bad introduction of PP of Burlington rotary and retired Fire Chief Paul Thibault
  • PDG Jack fined himself for his introduction of the guests at his table
  • President Susan is looking to explore alternate forms of memberships.  She wants to come up with other options for people to join and grow the club
  • PP Spencer mentioned comedy night is coming up in the beginning of May and to start thinking of silent auction prizes and ticket sales
  • PP Spencer also mentioned he is thinking about running a NCAA bracket to fundraise for the club
Carolyn Wortman came to speak to us about the Lexington Interfaith Food Pantry.  The food pantry was started back in November of 1990.  It started off slow but grew dramatically over the years as the word got out there that there was a weekly food pantry in town.  The food pantry is run by food/money donations and volunteers donating their time.  Carolyn was introduced to the Lexington Food Pantry by her mother who worked for the food pantry until she was almost 90 years old.  Carolyn took over her mother’s roll and dedicated her time every Saturday morning providing food to the people in need.   
What to expect from the food pantry:
The Lexington food pantry gets weekly volunteers from the local churches in town and high school students looking for community service. 
Currently the food pantry provides food to about 125 people in need every week.  90% of the clients are from Lexington, but they also accept clients from Winchester and Lincoln because those towns do not have their own food pantry.  Clients can shop weekly and pick up items based on their family size.  Some of the main items that are offered weekly include, Baked Beans, Cereals, pasta, Peanut Butter, Rice, Spaghetti Sauce, tuna, and mac & cheese. 
To learn more about the food pantry click on this link;> The Lexington Interfaith Food Pantry.
50-50 winner
  • PP Spencer was the big $60 winner and generously donated his winnings to the food pantry.
Next meeting will be held Monday 3/6/17
Jim T 
Rotary Spoke 02 06 17

Ladies From the Korean Spirit & Culture Promotion Project Speak to Rotary.

It was a SPECTACULAR day to have a Rotary meeting, or anything else for that matter.  The Patriots won the Super Bowl, which made the weather, the meeting and the whole day spectacular.  Go Pats.
The luncheon was a sumptuous assortment of sandwich fixins, chicken parmesan, sautéed shrimp, pasta, meatballs and sausage, steamed veggies and salad (for the health conscious) chocolate chip cookies (for the rest of us), and some delicious dried fruit and candied walnuts that were homemade traditional desserts brought by our guest speakers.  Everything was spectacular (sensing a theme here).
The opening bell was rung with flair by President Susan. The American flag was dragged out of the corner by PP Dan.  The Pledge was led enthusiastically by PSA Charlie Vale, 1st verse of America led proudly by Robert D. Cunningham, the invocation was led eloquently by PDG Jack Maloney and the welcome song was led by someone else (sorry, I don’t hear that well and can’t write that fast).  The guests did enjoy it. 
Raffle gifts were generously donated by:
  • Peoples United Bank
  • PP Spencer Betts
  • Rotary Lexington
50/50 Raffle
The 50/50 winner of a tidy sum, $55, was PP Don Sherman holding lucky number 898.
Happy dollars were given by:
  • PP Murry donated $15 happy dollars for wining squares and for President Susan’s Polar Plunge
  • Terry Wilkins gave $10 happy dollars for feeling better and for Pres. Susan’s plunge
  • PP Domenic gave happy dollars in honor of his daughter’s boyfriend’s birthday and for Pres. Susan’s plunge
  • PP Don Martini gave $100 happy dollars in honor of the Patriots victory and suggested he may be able to bring in a Super Bowl ring at some point, and maybe attached to Tom Brady (I’m not positive, but I think that’s what I heard) 
  • Then me, AAA.  I gave $10 happy dollars for just being happy, primarily about the Patriots, and the most spectacular comeback victory in NFL history (or any other history for that matter) over the Atlanta Falcons (I’m still a little choked up….and so are the Falcons) giving the Pats their unprecedented 5th Super Bowl victory ending once and for all the controversy over who is the greatest team with the greatest coach and the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL…just sayin, and $10 dollars for a car, and $5 for having tested some spectacular candidates for Black Belt last Saturday.
Fees, fines and taxes were suggested by:
  • PP Dan Busa fined PP Jim Shaw for a lack of timely photos from the last meeting
  • PP Dan Busa fined PP Bob Sacco for taking personal calls at a Rotary meeting
Today’s Announcements were:
  • President Susan thanked everyone for their support for, (She raised over $2000) and lessons learned from, the Polar Plunge (sand is cold too).  Pres. Susan has also thrown down the gauntlet to Lexington Rotary by committing to plunge again next year!  Any takers?  You go Susan! 
  • PP Spencer announced that the football squares raised $250 for Rotary
Thank you letters were received from:
  • The Susan G Komen foundation for our generous contribution.
  • Reverend James Fratelli for delivering ice melt, which he will hopefully not need much of.
  • Rykelle Adly, a student who was awarded a Rotary Scholarship.
Today’s Guest Speaker
Our speakers today were Younhee Shin and Kyung Pak.  They represented the Korean Spirit & Culture Promotion Project.  (  It is an all-volunteer organization which has given presentations to over 350 Rotary clubs. 
The ladies dressed in traditional Korean attire and spoke about the rich Korean culture and history dating back over 5000 years.  They want to help people understand the Korean philosophy which is “live for the benefit of all mankind”.  They also gave an informative video presentation talking about many aspects of Korean writing, science and technology.  The ladies brought many different and wonderful books which were given at no charge to our members.  Last but not least, the homemade Korean dessert they brought was delicious.  President Susan presented them with a lovely Stop Polio Now plaque. 
PP Jim Shaw got a great photo (hope he sends it in a timely fashion), the bell was rung with feeling, and the meeting came to an end, but not the euphoric feeling left by the enjoyable meeting, Rotary fellowship, and the spectacular Patriots Super Bowl victory!  Can’t wait till next year…Go Pats!
Rotary Spoke 01 30 17

President Susan Carabbio Speaks to Rotary About Elder Fraud

Attending were 15 Rotarians and one visiting Rotarian, for a total of 16, on a partly cloudy, but relatively mild winter's day. It included a lovely luncheon with pulled pork, string beans, mac & cheese, chicken wings, and various cold cuts. As usual, Patty prepared wonderful chocolate chip cookies, along with cut up fresh fruit, and the usual nice hot and cold drinks. Raffle gifts were donated by Arlex Oil , Shattuck Ace Hardware, and the Rotary Club of Lexington.  The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Charlie V., First Verse of America by Charlie V., and the Invocation given by PDG Jack M.  Charlie V. very capably led the Welcome Song for our one guest, Rotary Club of Burlington PP and retired Fire Chief of the Burlington Fire Department, Paul Thibault. Happy dollars were donated by PP Don M. in celebration of his daughter Kristin's having given birth to twin baby boys! Congrats to you PP Don!  I (PP Murry A. - that's me! ) donated 20 happy dollars for the warm sunshine, swimming, and boating that my wife Pam and I enjoyed last week in St. John. First Vice President Lori M. was fined by PP Dan B. for being late with the bulletin – but she still got it done!  But PP Jim S. paid the fine for trying to defend VP Lori.  PP Jim S. was also fined for leaving a table with a guest to sit with Michelle G. Thanks , who had been sitting alone at a table – which was very nice of him!  I just don't understand nice Rotarians getting fined for trying to be nice to others!  I guess we are a great Rotary Club with a great sense of humor in the air!
  • President Susan reminded everyone that the Polar Plunge is this Saturday, February 4.  She and PP Dominic S. will be participating, and she asked everyone to try to at least be there or donate in any way that they can. 
Saturday, February 4, 2017 
snow date TBD 
Cape Ann Motor Inn on Long Beach, Gloucester. 10:45am check in, coffee and snacks; 11:15am into the water!
  • Also, President Susan advised that the Rotary Club of Bedford is hosting a meeting at Middlesex Community College, as part of a program to enlist new and younger members into their club. PP Susan said that she and PP Jim S. are working to launch in September a program to encourage new membership, including corporate membership. 
  • President Susan announced that on Saturday, April 1, at the Fallen Church, there will be a memorial service for PP Doug Holmes. 
  • PP Dan B. advised the club of a new app for smart phones, which has a calendar, which the current app we use, Club Runner, does not.  He said Club Runner may update, possibly including having a calendar as part of their app, and the final results will be seen in due course.
Our speaker today was our very own President Susan, ‎VP, Market Manager at People's United Bank. 
Susan enjoys teaching money management.  Today, Susan spoke on Senior Fraud and Exploitation.  She said that 36 billion of these cases in the U.S. arose last year.  IRS fraud, in which the perpetrator files a tax return in the name of someone else and receives that person's benefits, ended up at about 21 billion cases noted in the year 2016.  Susan made a point that everybody is at risk. Items stolen include money, but also property and any type of valuable belongings. Don't be fooled by someone calling and saying they are from the IRS. Hang up the phone! The IRS will always mail you notifications; they will not call. 
There are several case types that fall into the categoryof fraud and exploitation:
1). power of attorney abuse, 
2). theft of signature – forging, such as a check writers signature, 
3). people don't read their bank statements, and you do have 30 days in which to make claims to regarding false information on your statement, 
4). check your credit card statements each month; many people do not do this,
5). grandparent scams, in which those folks are called by someone to say that their grandchild is in danger or is being held hostage, and a large sum of money is requested by the caller,
6). illegitimate bank checks being cashed at banks, in the name of someone else who has that account number; banks are working to try to catch these thieves right on site, if they can,
7). ATM machines will give out a maximum of $1000, which offers some protection from false account users, 
8). a number of checks written from one account and dispersed to different people; each person cashes his or her dispersed check at the same time as all the others do, resulting in a significant amount of money being taken from the person to whom the account really belongs. 
OF NOTE: Susan said that senior citizens have to be aware that they are threatened, because of their trusting nature as they get older, and that their family and close ones must be informed and learn to protect their senior members of the family or friends.
Thank you, President Susan, for preparing such a well organized and informative presentation. We learned much from you. 
The 50/50 raffle was won by none other than PP Spencer B. Need I say anymore?!!!   :) Congrats, PP Spence!
PP Murry A. 
Rotary Spoke 01 24 17

Annual Rotary/Lions Club Meeting Fun for All.

On a raw, dreary, drizzly Tuesday evening, seventeen Rotarians and one guest gathered at the Knights of Columbus, joining the Lexington Lions Club’s regular meeting. After a lovely social hour, King Lion Joe Lamarca called the meeting to order. The Lions led us all in the pledge, one verse of America and the thought for the day. We then raised our glasses for a friendly toast. There was some conversation about past and present relationships with PDG Jack (Arlex), PP Bob C (Cunningham Hardware/Ace) and PP Dan B (Busa Wine & Spirits).
A delicious dinner followed, catered by Neillio’s. We enjoyed steak tips, chicken, salad, potatoes and green beans. Yummy individual desserts completed the meal.
Past King Lion Doug Lucente (Candidate for selectmen) reported that the Lions have donated five hundred dollars to the Lexington Lighting Project at Lincoln Field.
PP Dan B donated twenty happy dollars to the tail twister as he introduced our guest, Judy Crocker, also running for Town Office in the category of School Committee. Candidate for selectman, Michelle Ciccolo was in attendance also.
PP Jim S mentioned a filibuster, donating happy dollars, thanking the Lions Club for their generous remembrance of his mother. The Lions Club meant a lot to her as Jim’s dad was a Past King Lion. 
President Susan, took to the podium and thanked the Lions for their work with diabetes research and education, as her father battles diabetes and she lost an aunt to diabetes. Susan then read a letter from the Pine Street Inn thanking the Rotary Club for the thoughtful donation. It will be put to good use.
King Lion Joe then introduced the speaker, Richard Sries, whom he had met at a Best Buddies training for a cycling event. Richard is the executive director of Mass Bike, among other cycling related endeavors and has been a Lexington resident since 1990. Richard is a vibrant speaker, passionate about cycling. He told many anecdotes and funny personal stories. There is currently a change in culture as seen in Boston and Cambridge, with relation to bicycle use as a main source of transportation. He described it as "tactical urbanism" and predicts "tactical suburbanism" will follow. Richard talked at length about the need to make cycling friendlier and safer. The use of cars and traffic is being studied to achieve this goal. It was a very dynamic, fast paced and information packed presentation.
PP Dan B won the raffle of five hundred dollars ;)
It was revealed that Lion Paula was the mystery greeter.
PE Lori M
Rotary Spoke 01 09 17

Jean Hart and Cathy Keller from the Lexington Arts & Crafts Society Speak to Rotary.

Jean Hart  
Kathy Keller
On a chilly Monday, January 9th, twenty (20) Rotarians, one (1) visiting Rotarian, nice to see you Sharon Spaulding, and two (2) guests, our guest speakers, enjoyed a melody of chicken, from Busa Community Farm, fish, from Potters Pond, wedding soup, left over from one of PP Don's weddings, hahaha , get it, and a variety of cold cuts, Yum, Yum!!!
Fellowship was in its normal form, as PP John was ambushed with insults, and derogatory comments, which made him feel, oh so, warm and fuzzy. He was then accosted by Bulletin General Charlie to perform this dissertation for everyone’s enjoyment and pleasure.
Pledge of Allegiance was led by “Holy Mackerel the clubs in Trouble”  President elect Michele, 1st verse of America was led by Pavarotti Vail, Invocation was led by “shameful” PDG Jack, just remember, the Lord giveth, the Lord take it,  for his insertion of freezing cold weather during a prayer moment. In an encore leadership role, Pavarotti Vail led the welcome song which was astonishing upbeat and pleasant. Wait, PP Bob was asleep, and PP Murray was not in attendance, now we know why the chorus was harmonious and joyful!!
Happy dollars started with PP Dan paying $5.00, don’t let your heart fall out of your shirt, for the pleasantry of PP Frank vocal cords. PP Domenic paid happy dollars, sorry I was distracted by the whining of President elect Michele, something about being tired because she works 20 hours a week, for his niece volunteer trip to Mexico, Karate expert Alan for a vacation to Las Vegas, yikes, I’m not going anyway near that one, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, and PP Don, SAA, current leg breaker, for his daughter joyful news of twin boys entering the world soon, congrats grandpa!!
Fines were no existent, a small mention of fining PDG Jack for his outrageous insertion of weather during a pray full moment, but it petered out!!
Raffle gifts were sponsored by the Rotary Club of Lexington, Brookhaven, and People’s Bank, pssst…. President Susan works for them, so I have to be sensitive.
Announcements, the joint meeting with the Lions Club will be held on January 24th at the Knights of Columbus, Connie Neville has submitted her resignation, PP Domenic, and President Susan, will be swimming with the nutjobs, I mean fellow Rotarians, at the Polar Plunge on February 4th, come one, come all!! Login to President Susan's plunger page here to contribute to the cause.
Our guest speakers were Jean Hart and Cathy Keller from the Lexington Arts & Crafts Society. This is, mainly, a volunteer organization with 400 members separated by nine artist guilds, ceramics, metal working, painting & drawing, woodworking and photography to name a few. They are located at 130 Waltham Street, Lexington. This organization is open to adults, and teens, and this group coordinates various showings and workshops with the high school and the community. There are classes offered by each guild, and are open to all level of talent and experience. LACS sells various items so don’t be a stranger, visit their location and buy, buy and buy.
PP Dan should make a “contribution” to the club for his hurtful family comment regarding his sister's clay display. I believe his phrase was…..hesitation, “okay” of her skill level. Let’s see a sample of your work maestro??
Respectfully submitted, your indentured slave, PP John
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