Posted by Ugur Ergun on Feb 04, 2019

Suspense Filled Meeting Is Quick and Profitable!

The weather was warm, sunny, 55 degrees, good for Duck Boat tours and celebrations. We were seventeen Lexington Rotarians with no guests, no speakers. We enjoyed steak tips, shrimp, pasta with spicy chicken, veggies and salad.
PP Bob O led us in the pledge, we sang one verse of America led by PP Domenic S and the invocation was given by PP Jim S.
  • PP Don Martini gave $24, 1 dollar per remaining week in Michelle’s presidency for PP Domenic S to not to lead any songs again.
  • PP John O’Donnell  gave $20 for successful major surgery his daughter had, we wish her well and hope her to recover soon.
  • Sergeant at Arms Allan gave $10 for watching both the play Beautiful and Superbowl the same evening.
  • PP Bob O gave $10 for the Penguin Plunge in New Hampshire.
  • PP Jim S gave $25 for the support or Chamber of Commerce.
  • President Michelle gave $10 because she is a nice person.
  • All Rotarians were fined for lack of guests.
  • President Michelle kept PP Jim S in suspense and finally fined him for failing to initiate a Superbowl Pool and he himself set his fine as $100. He was fined again for wearing a cap. Although he declared he had $9 left, we couldn't find any reason to fine him further.
  • President Michelle was fined $5 for not addressing PP, (His Highness), John O in the PP form.
  • We were having fun but no one else could be fined.
Raffle gifts were donated by:
  • Eagle Bank
  • Walpole Bank
  • Arlex Oil
Please update your schedule:
  • February 9: Polar Plunge (PP Dan B has room for 2 more, leaving C&W at 9:30am)
  • March 18: We’ll meet at the Minuteman Vocational High School
  • April 15: Patriot’s Day ALL HANDS ON DECK. Be on the lookout for PP Domenic's work schedule.
  • April 18: Joint meeting with Rotary Club of Concord at Colonial Inn 48 Monument Square in Concord
  • May 10: Comedy Night
Lexington Rotary Website sponsorships will be renewed by the end of this month just for $100 for a year.
The board approved a contribution of $230 to Lexington Little League to sponsor a team.
50/50 worth $40 was won by PP Murry Awrach.
As we had no speaker today, President Michelle closed the meeting at 12:50pm.
Submitted by Ugur Ergun.