Posted by Dan Olsen on Apr 09, 2018

Author, World Traveler, Entrepreneur Barclay Henderson Speaks to Rotary.

The meeting was held on a clear but cold day at Lexington Golf Club.
We hosted the Concord Rotary Club. There were 14 Lexington Rotarians, 12 Concord Rotarians and 1 guest, so at least we out-numbered them!
Our luncheon included chicken parmesan and steak tips, another great job done by Patty and crew.
The pledge was led by PP Jim F, one verse of America by Charlie V. and the invocation by PP Dominic S.
Raffle gifts were donated by Lexington Alarm, Rotary Club of Concord, Patriot Community Bank, Rotary Club of Lexington, Walpole Cooperative Bank and John O’Donnell.
Happy dollars came fast and were donated by PP Spencer B, Pres. elect Michelle G, PP Dan B, PP(of Concord Rotary) Sharon Spaulding, and  Pres. Lori M.
Your bulletin writer fined song leader Charlie V. for a rousing Welcome Song apparently sung only by monotones.
  • PP Don M reminded us of the Relay for Life coming up in Bedford. If interested contact him.
  • We have a new Lexington Rotary Club brochure available for all to give to potential Rotarians. Many thanks to PP Frank S. and others who did a fine job.
  • We will be selling hats on Patriots Day and giving away fidget spinners with our Rotary logo printed on them. No balloons this year…yay!  Patriots Day assignments are out , please review them and show up at your appointed time. We’re starting at 10:30 AM.
  • The Old Guard will again be coming to Lexington on April 14 and we will be hosting them for lunch at Brookhaven. Please plan to be there at 1:30 PM. Let’s have everyone attend this year!
  • Scholarships will be awarded on May 14. The committee will soon be interviewing applicants at the three high schools here in Lexington.
  • Please sign up to pick up Sand for Seniors buckets over Patriots Day weekend. The buckets can be dropped off at Brookhaven.
  • Comedy Night is May 11. There are still tables available. Contact PP Spencer if you want a table. We also need silent auction items, so see what you can contribute.
Our speaker was Barclay Henderson. He is a retired owner of several fast food franchises. He spoke to us about the importance of writing our stories about our life experiences so that future generations will know what preceded theirs. He has written two books and read a story from one of them about having a bat in the house and his efforts to get it to leave. We didn’t hear how it turned out, apparently it was more interested in finding mosquitoes than in being a vampire!
The 50-50 was for $65 and was won by a Concord Rotarian.
Happy Patriots Day!