Posted by Ugur Ergun on Jun 03, 2019

Meeting at Via Lago

June 3, 2019. We met at Via Lago on a warm sunny Monday. Food was rich and delicious. We were 19 Rotarians and one soon to be.
PP Murry Awrach led us in the pledge, we sang one verse of America led by PP Don Martini and the invocation was given by PP Don Sherman.
Happy Dollars/Fines
  • Club Sergeant Allan Azoff gave $10 for Discovery day and Arianna’s work.
  • PP Nick Cannalonga made PP Murry Awrach wear a cap and pay for it.
  • PP Spencer gave for his son’s recovery from ear infection.
  • PP Don Sherman gave $20 for his river cruise in Europe.
  • PP Dan Busa gave happy dollars for his daughter Becky's visit for a few days after surviving a long long drive in an RV from Colorado and for the tremendous job done by President Michelle for her year, adding 7 new members to our club. A record setting achievement.
  • PP Dan Olsen gave happy dollars for sports awards nights. Our club was represented by four members at LHS and 7 members at Minutemen Vocational.
  • PSA Charlie Vail gave happy dollars for your humble reporter for reporting this week voluntarily.
  • Plain Rotarian Ugur gave $20 for his daughter’s first trip to Rome, Italy. Plain Rotarian Ugur is actually a PP, but not in the Western Hemisphere.
Raffle gifts were donated by:
  • Eagle Bank
  • Walpole Bank
  • Arlex Oil
  • Dan Olsen
  • Our Club has attracted 8 new members this term, a record over the past several years and the highest in the district. Thank you President Michelle and membership committee members.
  • Comedy might was a success as usual and raised funds as last year.
  • Lowell Spinner’s is coming up.
50/50 worth $25 was won by our soon to be member Yanira Burgos who inherited the ticket of our kind PP Bob C.
As we had no speaker today, President Michelle closed the meeting at 12:50m. This was President Michelle's last official Board Meeting of her year. Thanks President Michelle for your hard work.
Submitted by Ugur Ergun.