Posted by Jim Shaw on Jun 11, 2018

Sheila Moore CEO of Hildebrand Speaks to Rotary

On a beautiful sunny day, 14 Lexington Rotarians, 1 visiting Rotarian, and 2 guests were treated to a delicious lunch consisting of sword fish, pulled pork, vegetables, cold cuts and Cesar salad.  Fresh hot chocolate chip cookies were also served.
The Pledge-of-Allegiance was led by PP Don Martini, one verse of America was led by PP Domenic Sicari, the invocation was presented by PDG Jack Maloney, and the welcome song was led by PSA Charlie Vail.  Raffle gifts were provided by Busa Wine & Spirits, Arlex Oil Corp, PP Bill Cassell, Patriot Community Bank, and Walpole Cooperative Bank.
Our guests included Concord Rotarian PP Sharon Spaulding, Lexington Rotary candidate Cleve Coats, and our guest speaker Sheila Moore, CEO of Hildebrand - Family Self Help.
Out of the gate, PP Jim Shaw called for fines on PP. Don Martini's table for "hoarding the all three guests."  Shaw's motion was accepted and enforced by president Lori.  PP Martini responded by stifling Shaw with $20 happy dollars if Shaw refrains from speaking out during the meeting.  Knowing how much the club needs the resources, Shaw kindly cooperated.
PP Dan Busa paid a fine for distributing a fundraising event notice for State Rep candidate Michelle Ciccolo.  PP Bob Sacco paid happy dollars in honor of his granddaughter's graduation from Boston College.  PP Jim Freehling paid "miserably wet" dollars for participating in the rain drenched annual Chamber of Commerce golf outing.  Our Guest Sharon Spaulding gave happy dollars for Cleve Coats' application. 
10 DAY NOTICE: President Lori announced that, Lexington resident, Cleve Coats, a former Lexington police officer and retired State Police sergeant has submitted an application for membership to the Rotary Club of Lexington.  Please consider this an official notice.  If you have any question of concerns, please contact president Lori.
Lori also announced that somehow, Bob Cunningham was not acknowledged for a previous donation made to the weekly raffle.  Consider this an acknowledgement, and thank you!
Not sure if she actually paid a fine, but president-elect Michelle Galbiati arrived more than fashionably late.  Just sayin'.
Our guest speaker, Sheila Moore spoke about the programs at Hildebrand, a self help organization whose mission is to help families who are displaced and in need of transitional assistance.  She explained that 80% of people in shelters got there by fleeing domestic violence, they were about to be evicted, or are need of emergency shelter.  She also pointed out that low salaries and the rising cost of housing in Greater Boston can lead to homelessness. Residents at Hildebrand facilities stay on average for a period of fifteen months.  Hildebrand provides 24/7 staff support for residents, and many move to permanent housing within Hildebrand.  Hildebrand currently employs about 70 people, up from about 30 when Sheila first joined the organization about five years ago.
Sheila went on to explain that half of the adults residing at Hildebrand have high school diplomas, and up to 25% have 2 or 4 year degrees.  She concluded her remarks by talking about summer camp programs that are offered to children residing at Hildebrand, and emphasizing that they offer parenting classes to the adults.
The 50/50 raffle was $50 and was taken home by president Lori.
Respectfully submitted,
Jim Shaw