Posted by Bill Cassell on Aug 26, 2019

Rotary Get's Schooled By PP Bill Cassell

Weather:  Sunny and a bit cool.
Lunch:  Roasted chicken, salmon, asparagus and tomatoes, rice, mashed spuds, fruit salad, Caesar salad, shrimp, and cookies!  Plus cold soda or water!
Opening Exercises:  PP Spencer intoned “I pledge…,” and we were off and running.  Charlie V. warbled an on-key start to “My country tis of thee,” and PP Don S. thoughtfully gave thanks for all that we have and can do for others.
Attendance:  A really nice turnout!  19 Lexington Rotarians and 3 visiting Rotarians, including our assistant governor Amy.
Welcome Song:  Charlie V. led the welcome song with the traditional “Don’t let it lag!” 
Delighted Dollars and Funny Fines:  Pres. Dan proudly volunteered a happy dollar for on-key singing by the assembled Rotarians.  PP Spencer contributed for a terrific vacation in the south of Spain with his family, after which PP Dan B. remarked that, given the Betz family’s great trip, he’d like to be reincarnated as one of Spencer’s children.  Bob C. also shared happy dollars for a fine visit, at which point PP Lori M. and PP Murry A. arrived to pay late fines.  PP Don M. donated some happy dollars for the good times spent with his four grandchildren and noted that it was exactly 51 years ago that he left home to serve in the Air Force.  Thank you, Don!
  • No Rotary Meeting Next Week – It’s Labor Day!
  • Senior Barbeques – On September 24, 25, and 26.  Sign up and help out!
  • Writing Our Weekly Bulletin – Pres. Dan reminded us that we share the responsibility for taking notes and preparing minutes of our weekly meetings.  If, however, your turn as Rotary Scribe comes when you simply can’t do it, PP Don M. offered to take your place, if you make a $50 donation to the Club.
  • 2019 -2020 Club Committee Assignments – Pres. Dan announced that the list of committee assignments is available on the Lexington Rotary website.  Go into the member area of “My Rotary” to find your assignments.
  • Polio Plus Progress – Pres. Dan read a letter that described the incredible progress being made to eradicate polio worldwide.  Nigeria is now polio-free, thanks to Rotary.
  • Rotaplast Mission – PP Don M. asked for donations for basic clothing and small toys for patients in Ceru, Philippines.  Team members will hand carry these items on their mission.  See or contact Don by September 6.
Today’s Speaker was PP Bill C:  As a curious third grade teacher, Bill wondered if Lexington Rotarians were smarter than his third graders.  To his delight, some of the Club’s members are at least as smart!  Bill provided some examples of third grade puzzles that he uses to help his 8 and 9 year-old students expand their problem solving skills and to become familiar with how their brains can help or hinder them in problem solving. 
Raffle Gifts:  Thank you, AG Amy, Eagle Bank, and Youville Place. 
50/50 Raffle:  Bob Cunningham won!  $55!
Respectfully Submitted by PP Bill C.