Posted by John O'Donnell on Sep 16, 2019
On a beautiful Fall Monday, September 16, 2019, eighteen Lexington Rotarians, one guest, and yes, one half guest, one half Rotarian, I already have a headache, totalling 20 eager beavers met to break bread, and share fellowship. The “last supper’ was swordfish, beef tenderloin, green beans , and of course, chocolate chips cookies, enough to put you to sleep by 2:00 pm, have a siesta I say!!!
The Pledge of Allegiance was led by “ what planet are you on” Bob Cunningham
First verse of America was led by “calling doctor Kildare” Charlie Vail
Invocation by “can’t wait for winter” PDG Jack Maloney
Bulletin Writer, pssssssst “secret admirer”
The meeting started off with some bantering regarding, who is the oldest. The question is, are we speaking to who looks the oldest, or who is actually the oldest. After turning up their hearing aids, I cannot tell a lie PP John announced  PDG Jack is the winner, winner, chicken dinner.
Happy Dollars:
  • $10.00- President Dan- for seeing PP Ed Grant in the flesh, wait is that creepy, just saying
  • $10-00 PP Murray, for Charlie operation, PS: the cash contribution started at $1.00, yes $1.00, until he was shamed into the increase
  • $20.00 PP Dan Busa for Charlie, $5.00 for each valve
  • $20.00 PP Spencer for hoping he makes his 20th anniversary, with all of those vacations, I want to marry him
  • $10.00 PP Domenic for Charlie's operation
  • $20.00 Bob Cunningham for Charlie's operation
There was only one fine bestowed upon PP Michele, she was sitting with all of her friends, empty table for those not in attendance at the meeting, hahahahaha, by PP John for hurtful comments to him, as he is very sensitive.
Raffle Gifts:
  • Bill “ you are all dummies” Cassell
  • Arlex “go oil or go boom” Oil
  • Bob “ I’m retired, leave me alone” Cunningham
  • Assistant District Governor Amy
The one guest, and one half guest, one half Rotarian, yes head scratcher, walked away with all of the raffle winnings
  • District is running a matching relief fundraiser for Hurricane Dorian, club to donate $1,000
  • Senile, I mean Senior BBQs , September 24th, 25th, 26th, sign up once, sign up often.
  • October 6th, Memorial for PDG Bob Wood, Sea Glass Restaurant, Salisbury, Ma.
  • September 30th, no meeting a Lexington Golf Club, meeting at Alof Hotel, 727 Marrett Road, Lexington
50/50 winner, Veronica, took home a whopping $355, hope her husband reads this and claims his share!!!
All kidding aside, our thoughts and prayers go out to Charlie for a successful surgery and speedy recovery
Your ghost writer PP John