No Snow It Was A Good Day

Weather:Intermittent Sun & Clouds
Lunch: Sandwiches and pasta salad with fresh from the oven chocolate chip cookies
Attendance: 17 Rotarians  +  2 Visiting Rotarians  + 1 Guest Canine  =  Total 20
Raffle gifts were donated by:
PP Spencer, Arlex Oil, and Charlie Vail
Pledge was led by Bob Cunningham         1st Verse by Charlie Vail                 Invocation by PDG Jack
Happy Dollars:
  • Secretary Frank gave $20 happy dollars for a cruise he took to South America with his wife which was filled with animals and Rotarians with very interesting storied to tell.
  • PDG Jack gave happy dollars just for being at the meeting.
  • Pres Dan gave happy dollars because his granddaughter’s synchronized swim team made it to Nationals
  • PP Dan Busa gave happy dollars in memory of Joe Burns, a 53 year employee at Hatden Recreation Center, who recently passed.
  • One almost fine to Murry Awrach for trying to usurp Yanira’s title until Pres. Dan pointed it out.
  • What happened to Patty? While dog sitting a young pup she broke a bone underneath her knee and dislocated it. She will be out for a few months, she’s okay but will probably need surgery.
  • Polar Plunge is February 29th, PP Lori thanks everyone who has donated and has been generous with their donations. She hopes the weather stays the way it has been!
  • PP Spencer reminded us that April 13th is our joint meeting with the Concord and the speaker will be the Economic Development person for the state of MA. Rosalin Acosta is booked for April 13th. Rosalin is the secretary of Labor and Workforce Development for the state of Massachusetts (her bio is below). I told them we would have 40 to 50 people. This would be a good meeting to try and bring in prospective members and local town officials.Attendance is crucial so please try to make it!
  • Comedy Night will be May 15th and Jimmy Dunn will be the headliner, hopefully. Third time’s a charm!
50/50 Raffle Winner: President Dan Olsen  -  Wining #: 767   -    Amount: $50.00 Donated back to the club
Yanira B