Posted by Meaghan Murphy on Jun 10, 2019

New Member Yanira Burgos Inducted

The weather was beautiful on June 10th and we had a lovely lunch of Italian meatballs and ravioli.
We had 23 Rotarians and 2 guests at the meeting.
The pledge was led by PP Jim Freehling, the first verse of America led by Spencer Betts and the invocation was led by PP Don Sherman.
Raffle gifts were donated Bob Cunningham, Douglas House Brain Injury, Eagle Bank and the Rotary Club of Lexington. 
Fines/Happy Dollars
  • PP Don Martini was looking dapper in his sharp Eagle Bank polo shirt and thanked Michelle for his new job handing out business cards in the center of town. He's sure to land them a few great new accounts.
  • PP Dan Olsen was thankful that his Granddaughter was able to experience first hand the 75th commemoration of the Battle of Normandy. That must have been something to see.
  • PP Frank Smith was very happy that his daughter graduated from his alma mater Dartmouth College.
  • Ken Wright is excited for a trip to Hong Kong where he is due to give a presentation.
  • PP Jim Freehling  was happy to have a colleague in the senior health field as one of our guests.
  • Please get back to PP/President Elect Dan Olsen about the Lowell Spinners game coming up. 
  • If you don't have one of our new snazzy Rotary shirts, get in touch with PP Spencer Betts.
  • July 1: NO MEETING 
  • July 8: 1st meeting of Dan Olsen's presidency will take place at Via Lago and there will also be a board meeting.
The Rotary Club of Lexington was very pleased to induct Yanira Burgos to the club. Welcome Yanira!
This is the one week notice for Patricia Elkins, a potential new member. 
Ugur E took home the 50/50 prize with a whopping $65 jackpot.
God Speed,
Meaghan Mahoney